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Searching for Manuals on the Toro Website

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Several methods exist for searching the Toro website when looking for tractor manuals, as well as several different search pages from which to do so.

The first page: Allows you to search by MODEL NUMBER (i.e. 1-0365 or Y1-16OE02), or more importantly "Partial Model Number" (i.e. 1-03 or Y1-16). From this page you can also view a list of model numbers, from which to locate your machine, if you are at least sure of the first few characters.

First Search Method:

Search Process Steps:

Method A.1) Go to this search page on the Toro website: Toro - Product Center and enter the model number, or the partial number (first few characters) for the machine you are looking for into the "ENTER MODEL NUMBER" box, then left-click the SEARCH button.


A.2) Depending on whether you have entered the entire model number, a partial number, or there is a serial number revision break in a particular model numbers production run (note Y1-16OE04 below), you will either be presented with a list to choose from or the page for that technical data page for the machine in question.


NOTE: If you are presented with the following (Model does not exist), go to step B.1) below:


A.3) Now click the MANUALS button to view the list of available manuals:


A.4) You are now presented with the list of available manuals for your model number:


Second Search Method:

Method B.1) If you click the VIEW MODEL LIST link, you will be presented with the list shown in the second image below. Click the 0 through 9 or AtoZ links at teh top to go to the specific page:


B.2) Here's the list of your model numbers. Keep in mind the list is presented using the first character of the model number, whether it is a 0 through 9, or A through Z, you must know the correct first character to use this method:


B.3) Once you locate your model from the list and click on the model number link, you will be presented with the machines technical data page.

B.4) Now click the MANUALS button as described above and you will be presented with the list of available manuals:


Third Search Method:

The third search method is an easy way to narrow down what model number you have, when all you know is the name (i.e. "C-121").

C.1) Co to the following Toro web page: Toro - Master Parts Viewer Web page and enter the product name (such as C-121) in the PRODUCT NAME box, then left-click the SUBMIT button.


C.2) You will be presented with a list of all the model numbers for that name and then can search for the correct manuals based on that list.

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