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D180 Kohler Twin Crank Replacement

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I probably will rebuild it (now that i know what I am doing) because that #2 cylinder really should be bored to get it uniform. I found kits for only $170 with pistons, rings, valves, and gasket kit. And eventually I would like to buy some blue prints to add a loader to it so I want to make sure that she is in tip-top shape before I do that.

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Here are some action pics that I promised, they are the last pics I took with my camera before it fell out of my pocket and was buried in a snow bank for a week B) Just took it out of the rice but she is DED, at least I was able to recover the pics, those memory cards are tuff stuff.


Pushing some nice curls:





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What a coincidence, the same thing just happened to mine. I started another thread about.

Here's a pic of the flywheel and stator:

There is a better pic that I didn't upload that shows the broken crankshaft keyway. Almost identical.

Odd, but the problem manifested itself as a shorted electrical system that was pulling current from the battery, through the switch and rectifier, and then through the damaged stator to ground.

What started off as an electrical problem has turned out to be something completely different. Now I gotta go out and find another crank and have it checked and machined.

Kinda curious if any thinks it's possible to have the broken keyway filled in and recut. Just pitching an idea.

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