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New Tricks!!!

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Brian Miller's website has a wealth of information, but it's been around a long time. Are there any new tricks for building an engine that he hasn't covered? He can't be the only authority.

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Some darn place I have a link to a build of a K-301 that has some good points to it. Can I find it? :notworthy::thumbs::WRS: Even after a couple days looking.

What I can remember is related to cooling. Carefully file out the ridges between the fins, especially in the area between the valves and cylinder. Air flow there is already limited, improve it any way you can.

The other thing was, bead blast the head to get it perfectly clean, but leave it unpainted. It's aluminum, not going to rust, and the paint just provides a bit of insulation effect. Besides, I think it would look cool without the head painted! Racy looking.

There were other bits about polishing the crank, etc., usual hot rod stuff.

I also have a PDF somewhere of the build, IF I can find that, I can email it to you if you'd like.

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Pictures are missing, but here are the words:

Building a Hot-Rod Kohler K301

For an IH Cub Cadet Garden Tractor

Posted by David Kirk on 5-29-01 through 5-31-01

Loud pipes save lives! Actually,

this picture shows the first test run

of a modified Kohler K301 I built up

for my 1250 Cub Cadet. It was a

winter project, so I took my time

and put together a hot rod Kohler,

something I've wanted to do for a

long time. The modifications are

typical for L-head (flathead)

engines and in this article I'll try

and describe what I did and show

pictures of the parts as the engine

went together.

Now the obvious question is "why

not install a K321 (14 hp) or K341

(16 hp) engine if you wanted more


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Thanks! I have Kirk's build of his Cub. There are three parts to it.

Good idea with the fins.

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