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  2. Welcome to the 520 Club

  3. Welcome to the 520 Club

    Never had a snow that I could NOT remove with the tall chute single, it may have clogged a few times on DOT plow banks but non the less still chucked a respectable 20'+, enjoy.
  4. Welcome to the 520 Club

    Just realized there was a 520 club. I recently purchased a 1995 520H with 48" deck and a Snow Thrower. Working on replacing wiring connections that are corroded, and redoing seat. He just needs a good rubdown & some sugar cubes. My Mares (see profile pics) love him. Otherwise great running tractor. Can't wait to try out the Snow Thrower this winter. Love the sound of that Onan. Just a thought, if more clubs were added, make them by the model years. ie '64' Club.
  5. FEL on 520

    That just may be in its future.....Thanks!
  6. FEL on 520

    Todd, The 550 Ark will fit the 520's I have ad a few in years gone by, I mounted them all, just make sure your uprights are as close to the rear wheels as possible, this helps take the strain off the front end when it rises the higher the loader shifts the wt. to the rear wheel and that's where you want it.
  7. FEL on 520

    Nice job Larry, as usual. I have an Ark550 on my D200 and you are right. Steering is a bear. Would the 550 be too large for a 520? I also have a 520xi that may do the trick. I didn't realize that you had to be a member of the subgroup 520 club to post, in case anyone else is wondering why you can't post to this topic.
  8. FEL on 520

    I have had many small Loader in the last 15+ years, most on wheel horses, and by far the 520H with gear reduction steering & swept forward axles are my favorite. The D's are strong but maybe a bit clum'sy, and steering is always an issue with the D's.
  9. FEL on 520

    Very nice! Maybe I should put my loader on my 520 instead of the D-200!
  10. FEL on 520

    Cleaned up another old Simpsom loader laying around and mounted it on a 520H . I think it came out looking good. I have had at least 6 of these Simpson loader and I think they are great. all new fittings and hoses and stripped to bare metal, and painted, 125 lbs. of rear wts on each wheel, need to clean up bucket yet. It lift at least 7 ft. Love the 520's for loader tractors, easy steering and plenty of power.
  11. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    The manual should help you. Cleat
  12. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    Here is an update. I bought and installed a 60" deck and used it today, I'm so glad I upgraded. I am happy that I found a deck with wheels on the front of the deck. I attached some pictures of the before and after. I do have a question, when I lift the deck it seems like it's not going up level. The front of the deck s higher then the rear, It's not level. I had the same thing happen on the 48" deck that came with the tractor. Any idea's. Now I need to replace the hood assembly. Eric
  13. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    If someone would invent a leaf shredder attachment for the air intake I would most likely be knocking on their door to buy one! I bought a new cab for my 1100 hour 95 to use with winter duties and a rough old 88 with 1300 hours for mowing and lawn sweeper pulling. When the Onan blows up on the old one it will simply become a parts tractor for the 95 and Craigs list will consulted for my next summer
  14. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    There are several posts on here showing added intake duct work....non of it very pretty.
  15. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    So it's safe to say this is why they added the louvers on the hoods. You would think they would have added some type of air duck work to the cooling intake just to get cleaner air away from the mower deck.
  16. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    And the excessive amount of heat they generate is the reason I only use twin cylinder tractors for winter duty. The single Kohlers seem more efficient in converting the fuel into HP instead of heat.
  17. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    Thanks for explaining why some decks have front wheels. Thanks for all the replies. One thing that I have noticed while mowing this weekend is the Onan cooling intake loves leaves.
  18. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    The 60" deck with the front wheels is actually the newer deck. The originals came with the skids and there was a kit available to upgrade to the wheels. My 60" deck has the wheels and I like the ability to adjust them.
  19. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    It's the forward swept front axle but with 1200+ hrs I would still be leary of twisting a 60" deck, but that's not my decision, that 48" is plenty deck if you have 2 acres or less to mow, just my 2¢ for owning one since new in '98, good luck with your new ,Jeff. also the belt is in the wrong pulley on the engine PTO should be in the back one, the front where it is now is for the snow blower.
  20. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    Sorry for all the questions. I attached two pictures, one is the front axle, is this a forward swept axle? I also attached a picture of the ID plate. The serial number is going to be a challenge. The tractor has a 48" deck now. Any thoughts on the HC deck with the wheels mounted on the front? I would think it is a better deck compared to the standard deck. I would like to find a two stage snow blower if anybody knows of one. Eric
  21. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    Motion control on the steering column means it is 1990 or later which also means it should have the forward swept axle.
  22. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    Thank you for the replies. I have attached some pictures of the tractor that I bought. A little history on this. I bought it at an auction and this machine came from an upstate NY prison and I paid $320.00. The hour meter reads 12xx hours. It is rough but it starts and runs fine, seems to cut great without any smoke and the hydraulics work as they should. Cosmetically it can use a paint job. Can you tell from the pictures what type of front axle this one has. I can get more pictures if needed. I'm still hoping to get a 60" deck.
  23. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    That "special" mule drive is spring loaded to keep tension on the deck drive belt.
  24. 520-H deck/520-HC deck

    The 60" deck takes a "special" only for the 60" mule drive vs the smaller 42"-48" decks mule drive, and depending on hours and condition of of your 520H I would be concerned about running that big 60" vs a 48" deck, but yes as long as its 1990 or newer with swept forward front axle the 60" deck will work but not on the 88-89 straight axle versions, Jeff.
  25. 520-H deck/520-HC deck