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Taken from #492-4207 and #492-4509 Electrical manuals and PSB's 1 page 64KB   Used as a kill relay on 1981 B-Series tractors with magneto ignition. The battery style ignition switch controls the relay to ground the magneto ignition. Starting in 1986 used in the low-oil starter circuit for single-cylinder Kohler engines.   106833 3-terminal relay replaced by a 5 terminal substitute in production because of a parts shortage. These were replaced by SA121378 service assembly which was replaced by 99-5365 kit. The 99-5365 kit contained a 48-4700 relay which has been replaced by 116397 relay. 116397 relay used on 1990 312-8 for the low oil starter circuit and 1990 520-H as a starter relay.   Links to service bulletins