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trickle chargers

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Handy Don
33 minutes ago, JimSraj said:

Well there ya go!  Two completely different takes on the same subject. Anyone else care to chim in?

We use a solar trickle charger (~.8 amp max). Tractor is stored in a dry, unheated shed from Oct-Apr where temps routinely go below 0º F for days at a time.

So far, except for waiting for the gas to get from the tank to the carb, it starts right up in Spring. Battery is at least 6 years old.

We used to do the battery remove and store at home in the basement thing with a different tractor--new batteries every 2-3 years. 

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10 hours ago, JimSraj said:

Can anyone recommend a solar battery charger/maintainer?  Two tractors out in the barn with no electric and no plans to use them this winter. 

I used one of Harbor Freight’s units for years on my boat… Full sun all day at the dock…worked great. I had it hooked to the cigarette lighter… sorry don’t remember specific model, but it was about 12”x12” and was a trickle / float charger… got 5-6 years out of a battery…



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