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Definitely Tractor Heavy Now.....

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Lane Ranger
Posted (edited)

Mowing the lawn today -twice!  Using recycler deck on 314 -once high all the way up on lift and second mower deck down to highest hole on deck lift!   Yard was mowed once in twenty days while we were traveling—and  now lawn needs mowing about every five days! 

But Remember (as I did not). When you turn your tractor off  close your PTO engagement handle !    Tractor will not start and acts likes it as dead as a door mail!  I had pangs of oh what now before letting tractor cool and coming back thirty minutes later.  Oh, the PTO handle is down! 

Lifter it and started right away.  Well maybe I am just too use to the round hoods ! 





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Mowing every 5 days? Try every 3! :rolleyes:

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Waiting for my friend to say he's ready.Then I will bring it to his house. I moved it from the garage to the shed. I'm getting to attached to them. I can't keep them all .....  or can I ?

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    • PineBushJohnny
      By PineBushJohnny
      I am new to anything mechanical and inherited a WH856 in pretty good condition when my Father in law passed. My daughter and I turned to this forum to learn all we can to get it in working condition. well low and behold you guys taught us so much and we cleaned the piston head, changed piston ring, cleaned valves, rewire, changed condensor, breaker point, spark plug, coil, ignition switch, fuel tank, fuel lines, throttle and choke cables and got that baby running. my wife was so happy as it is the only thing she has of his. Now we are in NY we get a major snow fall and I break out the WH856 with plow and am making short work off plowing but then wheels go cockeyed. the right hand ball joint assembly keeps coming off. how can I fix this? where can I get both left and right ones so I can make sure it doesn't happen again. while I am at it how do make sure there is enough lubrication in the transmission?
      I am going to post pictures of the 856 soon. It is named after y father in law .... "Dominick da Plumber"

    • Texas Todd
      By Texas Todd
      I picked up an 856 out in Sweetwater TX a few weeks ago and pushed it on the operating table.

      What I knew of it is what you see here. Have no idea if the engine is good or not. Drained the engine oil and it looked pretty good. For all the sand under the blower housing and trash in the toolbox and shifter area, I didn't have much hope for the condition of the trans oil.  In looking at the transaxle, I really figured the tran oil would be pancake batter.

      It appears the leaking seal is on the brake shaft. The right side looks pretty good.  Interesting replacement for the belt guard. We will see if it functional.

      The oil in the transmission looked brand new. Not the least bit of water from what I could tell. That was encouraging. I got every drop out that I could.

      The key switch looked like it was off a 1969 Impala or something. I replaced with a spare WH key switch and started troubleshooting.  It was missing the coil so I took a spare. Also replaced the points and spark plug. The condenser was good.
      I was getting spark, but no fuel, It would fire with starting fluid. Removed the carburetor. P-U that varnish stinks. Dunked in Chem-Dip for about 20 minutes and blew it out. I need to find a gas tank for it, but used a small tank I have to see what I could get.  She fired and ran fantastic. Messed with the carb adjustments (not my strong suit) but got it running good enough to not worry about the engine.
      Next will be the transmission seals....and then I have to decide what I want to do with paint. Restore like the others or sand and clear coat as is.  I have some time to think about as the next few weeks will be busy with other things.
      If anyone has a tank or belt cover, please let me know.  I actually would prefer to put a plastic tank rather than the original metal, but let me know what you might have.
      I fiddled with getting the "Art Work" off with goo gone and it cam off for the most part.

      How well do these 8 hp engines push a 42" front plow blade? We don't have much in the way of snow, but I could push some dirt around at my land....
      Will the standard 42" plow fit on these short frames? 

    • Flatheadpete
      By Flatheadpete
      So I got bored Sat afternoon and decided to re-do the hood on grandpa's 856.  Started sanding and it was looking good.  All those layers of brush strokes helped preserve it.  Anyways....on with the pics.  Guess I'll have to do the rest now.

    • Flatheadpete
      By Flatheadpete
      So Tues evening I spent some time prepping my tractors in anticipation of the snow storm that we got hammered with all day Wed and still today.  Checked fluids, filled fuel tanks, covered my Ford 9N (it sits outside) went in, slept like a corpse.  Wed morn, no snow!  By the time I got home from work (about 4:15....45 min for a 20 min ride) we had in excess of 10" on the ground.  Went to fire up the Ford.....turned over but no dice.  My 1966 856 fired right up and did the job.  It has yet to let me down. 
    • Motor Head110
      By Motor Head110
      I went to start my 856 this morning to plow snow and I noticed the rear end was locked up (again). I took the shifter out and looked in the hole. There was no rust. And the I took a large screwdriver and tried to move the forks. They moved. Im all out of ideas. does anyone know what could be wrong with it?
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