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Beefing up a front end to handle a FEL

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So another person on their daily emailing list Dennis?

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2 hours ago, ranger said:

So another person on their daily emailing list Dennis?

Oh my goodness yes!  Love it!  I recommended here long ago when it first started so I assume we have several members following along but if I see something great , esp if it is also WH oriented I try to post it here.

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16 hours ago, DennisThornton said:

if I see something great , esp if it is also WH oriented I try to post it here


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    • BMW1
      By BMW1
      On my D200, when I turn the steering wheel all the way to the left, it has a tight turn radius, but when I turn it all the way to the right, the turn radius is significantly wider.
      The tie rods appear to be adjusted evenly.
      Anyone have a similar problem and what was done to fix it?  The steering does have quite a bit of play, at least 1/4 to 1/2 turn of the wheel.
    • Off Track Horse
      By Off Track Horse
      Okay, so I just know just enough about engines to do basic care & know when something is wrong.  I have what presented as a hydraulic leak on my 416H with fluid spraying everywhere from under the center of the tractor and it is really only significant when the PTO is engaged.  I took the mowing deck off today expecting to find a cracked hose or loose fitting.  Wrong!  Instead I found fluid coming out from the steering shaft on the opposite side of what I am finding is called the "steering fitting lube" piece on the Toro parts website.  So where it shows part #7 going in the fluid is leaking out of the other side.  I'm really at a loss on this one.

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      Help I just recently porched a D250 to add to my collection and wish to install power steering Hydraulic. I under stand I might be able to find help on this WH forum. Thank you The wheel hoarse guy 
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      I need some advice. Worked all afternoon and was unsuccessful at removing the steering wheel from a 1961 Wheel Horse tractor. How is the wheel attached to the steering column?  There appear to be two holes where I suspect that the wheel is secured, but I cannot find a way to loosen any type of a fastener. Has anyone had a problem with this? I have a wheel puller attached but that wheel is really on there. How do I get this off?
    • tarcoleo
      By tarcoleo
      The handiest thing in the world might be small stainless hose clamps.
      They can be used to retain wheels on spindles instead of those "c" clips.
      They can be used in emergency to retain balls in worn tie rod ends.
      They work on mowing deck lifts to prevent the central deck spindle grease fitting
      from rubbing on the deck lift lever and destroying the grease fitting.
      Work for me, especially in a jam.
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