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1976 C-120 Automatic - how does the braking system work?

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1 hour ago, Atlasracera4 said:

found that cam today

Super awesome

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    • KC9KAS
      By KC9KAS
      Need assistance! 1977 Wheel Horse C-120 hydro. I sold it to a young fellow last fall. His dad said he put a new battery in it but it still failed to turn over to start. I checked the only safety switch (with an ohm meter) and it is working correctly. I checked all the wires (ohm meter) and they tested ok. I did come to the conclusion the 20 amp AMP gauge was bad. I installed an old one that I had and it turned over and started right up. I already had the voltage regulator wires disconnected and read 36 VAC from the stator. When I attached the wires to the (fairly new) voltage regulator it would immediately cause the engine to sputter and die. The voltage regulator is grounded directly to the negative post on the battery. Once the wires were removed from the voltage regulator it would fire right back up! I am at my wits end trying to figure this one out! Would a bad voltage regulator cause the engine to quit running? I may have to remove a voltage regulator from another known good machine and try it. Anyone have any suggestions?
    • heysavoy
      By heysavoy
      I own a 1990 Wheel Horse Classic Model #31-12KE01. While removing the rear tire I noticed what I've posted in this video link. I assume that's my brake wheel (product name is problem wrong 😄).  Does it look normal as it appears loose to me? The only brake issues though I've had is the tractor rolls when on an incline which I thought was a parking brake problem. So looking for some thoughts.
    • Trouty56
      By Trouty56
      Service manual #810242R3
      12 pages 1.52MB
      Dated 09/84
      Also listed as manual 492-4208
      Replaces manual #810242R1
      whlifhyd.pdf @ Toro
      A service manual for the hydraulic lift valves and cylinders.
      Included is a description of the adapters needed to make hoses and where to get them.
      1983 C-145 Automatic model 01-14KE04
      1994 416-H model 73421 Serial 4900001-4999999
      1997 416-H model 73423 Serial 7900001-7999999
    • Brian33
      By Brian33
      I am hoping someone can help my. I recently acquired a c160 for the engine for another tractor. So I did a motor swap and wanted to see what the hydro was like. I put a plow on it C-160 (which now has a 12hp engine on it). I did a quick test run and everything was good. I drained the fluid and change the filter (Napa 1410 filter and sae 30 transmission fluid as it stated to only use this fluid on the tractor.) everything was working great after the fluid change. I plowed two driveways and the sidewalks near my house... all the sudden the tractor would not go forwards or in reverse. I tried to pick the plow up and nothing... I checked my drive belt it was turning like it should. I started to push the tractor and the rear was engaged so it would not move. Of course I was 400’ from my driveway and the plow was down which made it fun. I put the tractor in forward and started to push it and the thing took off. So I hopped on and took it to the front of the garage. I put it in revers and it cut out again so I pushed it in the garage. Today I went out to check the tow valve. I took it out and cleaned the threads up put it back in and it did not change anything. According to the dipstick I have the proper amount of fluid in it. I did have a drip that I fixed on the cylinder still nothing... does anyone out there have any tips to help me out? I’ve never had a transmission like this only manual transmissions. The model of this transmission is the sundstrand 90-1140.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • jmack
      By jmack
      I'm needing the o-ring sizes for my control valve assembly to my D-180.  Does anyone have a list of these or the McMaster Carr part numbers?
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