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New toys for the C-195, time to get to work.

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Nice C-195!


I would tend to take a wire wheel to those implements, prime, and paint...... but not for the museum..... to be used like you have in mind.

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peter lena

i like the wire wheel idea, anything i pick up regularly gets an aerosol  penetrating oil spray down , to instantly stop rust and save patina . not only that , but that oil will probably get something to work that has been frozen in rust. especially good on neglected mower decks . good luck , pete

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Would keep the paint and patina.


they fit to the rim‘s and don‘t be green or yellow.

so they fit in color allready. They be used, they can look used, nothing wrong with.

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Those are some pretty good attachments you got there. Brinly PP-1200 plow, and Brinly DD-1000 disc.


I got a set just like it, and they run good. Manuals are online for correct setup etc. A few things to consider though. That plow is a really big anker, You might need to not use its full with and not go all 6" deep, depending on what you sink it into. Optimum setup is required to pull it decently. It's a big sucker for any GT. :-) The Disc is also good, but if you want it to do more than just scratch the surface lightly, you need some serious weight on it, and distribute it evenly. I got about 300lbs on it, which seems to make it dig in, but absolutely not too much. Don't get tempted to just push it down with the 3pt. It will work a little, but you loose traction before you get to something that works good.


If you have a rear pto on your 195, I recommend the tiller. That thing is sweet :-). You will need some weight on the front though.

Also a new style 60" HD Deck from a 520 is a good match for it ;-)

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      By wh315-8
      Curious what aftermarket options has anyone done to add the 3 point to the C195?
      Seems that the JD 317 style could be a bolt on to the C195s uprights. Some other brands seem similar that might bolt on with some minor modifications. Otherwise I know the D series is a similar setup other than the upper arm and the center point bracket, but it looks to be a fairly simple design to build. 
      MF 1855 looks close to WH design.
      Case 446 design almost looks identical setup.

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      Anyone be able to measure out the Top Link Bar for the 50” D Series Tiller?
      Just finished rebuilding a tiller, have a adjustable type but would like to put a original type on like the manual has listed.

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      Original Wheel Horse dump cart wanted, no offense but not another brand with WH decals. 
      thank you
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      Hi All, It's time for me to sell the D-250 I've had for the last 8 years.  It’s useable as is, or would be a great project bundle for further restoration.
      I am selling a large package: the running tractor, a refurbished snowblower (48”), parts snowblower, mower deck (60”), tiller (40”), front plow blade (60”), Cat 0 3-Point Hitch with adjustable top link, WH 3-Point tool bar, wheel weights and tire chains.  Also included is an extensive part collection, nearly a second tractor worth.  I will include the original manuals, an original 1976 sales brochure, and repair manuals for the tractor and the engine.  I made electronic copes of all of the above, and stored the paper copies to prevent further wear. This is one of the most complete D-250 tractor/attachment bundles I’ve seen.
      Some highlights from the available parts: Frame rails, extra engine, water pump, extra transaxle, extra gears, including worm gears (stored in oil bath), Front wheel set, carburetor, carb rebuild kit, rebuildable original radiator, extra radiator overflow bottle, rebuilt alternator, new voltage regulator (I was planning to change over to an alternator setup from the generator), new in package Renault engine seals, new PTO seals, ignition maintenance parts.  There are also many panels, frame pieces, cables, levers, tubes (lines) and hardware in the collection.
      The tractor engine runs smooth.  There are around 1050 original hours on it; It’s a 1976 edition.  Everything works, except the dash lights and the rear lights (disconnected b/c of fender).  I just haven't sorted out the wiring, but it is all there.  Headlights are good and working, as are all of the gears and levers.  The four tires are nearly new Carlisle Multi Trac, with nubs still on them.  The rear tires have been filled (ballasted) with Rim Guard for extra traction.  The hydraulic pump, front PTO clutch and brakes operate but could use a tune up.  I’ve used it for mowing and snowblowing on hills, driveway and around my land. I don’t have an original WH seat.  The snowblower was rebuilt a few years back, and assembled with all new hardware and bearings.  The mower deck gearbox was professionally serviced recently, and has a new set of blades with only a half dozen mows.  The rear fender needs a repair, but all pieces are available.  The plow and tiller are due for restoration.  The Points, Condenser and rotor have all been replaced and tuned in.  The battery is good.  I've rebuilt the carb, replaced the fuel pump and changed out the plugs within the last 30 hours.  The replacement radiator is from a Kawasaki engine; it was installed with new hoses. There are also new custom hydraulic hoses and a new hydraulic lift cylinder.
      Here's a video of me mowing, this past summer.
      Transporting this haul in one trip will require a pickup truck and a large trailer.  

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      I bought a 3 point hitch from someone on Face book but the 3 point hitch lift assembly bearings were not included.
      The are NLA. 
      Does any know a supplier for these or have two they are willing to sell? 
      I looked at McMaster and could not find one with the sizes needed.
      The part# is 8340 in the 3 point hitch diagram below. 
      Thank You.

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