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1989 518H Onan 48" deck price

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I have a wheel horse listed under Super Steve for $1,200 was wondering how I can figure if that's a good price, 230 views no offers

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  Your selling a tractor with only a mowing deck right when mowing season is coming to an end or is over, that will affect the sale. It’s like trying to sell a boat in the winter or a snowmobile in the spring.

  It’s a manual lift machine which tells me (and everyone else here) that it has the less desirable Eaton 700 hydro trans. 

 No offense intended but you asked, in my opinion, it’s overpriced. I think I’m seeing a $500-$700 machine. 



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    • lsc1257
      By lsc1257
      I have a 1996 520H Wheel Horse for sale.  The tractor has just over 800 hours on it.  It comes with a 48 inch deck.  The deck is a 1995 and has over 1,500 hours on it, as it came brand new with my 312-8 that I sold several years ago.  This 520-H has the swept front axle so it can handle a 60 inch deck.  I just replaced the battery and the deck belt this summer.  The engine is a 20HP Onan and it starts right up but requires the full choke.  The transmission is an Eaton 1100-062, hydrostatic.  The deck is in rough shape but the spindles appear to be in good working order.  The right rear tire has some cracking.  The original operator's manual for the 520H is included, as is the original operating and maintenance instructions for the deck, plus the installation instructions for the deck.  Also included is a new PTO belt and several miscellaneous deck wheels and rollers.  Additional pictures available upon request.  Asking $500.

    • Joe Warren
      By Joe Warren
      Onan model BF-MS2425A Engine for parts. This engine pulled from NOS Bolens QT16 tractor that sat for 40+ years. Engine has less than 25 hours on it. Engine currently stuck. Local pick up in  Easton  MA.  $49  or offer.

    • Joe Warren
      By Joe Warren
      Wheel Horse
      Service Tool Kit
      Onan Industrial Engines
      Kit is missing oil filter tool, otherwise complete. Tools in excellent condition. Small crack in plastic case, bottom, middle. 
      $129 plus shipping cost.
      Message me if you are interested in purchasing. Thank you. Joe

    • Foxer14
      By Foxer14
      My grandfather is selling his C-175 and I want to buy it from him to restore it. He thinks he can get about $3000, but I think that is too high. It does come with a mower deck that is probably to rusty to use and a tiller. He says the tractor has lots of accessories on it. It will need some work as it hasn't ran in probably 15-20 years. I was thinking about $1000 but I am not sure. What do you think?
      By SPINJIM
      1992, Wheel Horse 520-H.   Onan overhauled: New rings, cylinders honed, valves lapped, new carb., new seals and filters, new fuel lines and primer bulb for easy starts.  Seat is like new.  Front tires are new.  All tires hold air.  Some repainting, but didn't need much; was stored indoors.  New decals.  Other new parts.
      Has swept front axle and Variable Ratio Steering.  Belt cover ventilated to cool back cylinder.  Rear wheel weights are 55 lbs. each.  

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