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Series D - Hydraulic Control Valve O-Rings

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I'm needing the o-ring sizes for my control valve assembly to my D-180.  Does anyone have a list of these or the McMaster Carr part numbers?




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I have never opened mine up.  From the parts manual looks like there are two different ones used.  #18 in the diagram WH# 973310 I know for sure is Dash #905  (O rings are described by Dash #) and must be an SAE ORB #5 fitting.


I would hazard a guess that if the fittings using #13 WH #973370 are bigger than the above that they would turn out to be Dash #906  as they are SAE ORB #6 fittings



What size wrench fits on each of the two different fittings?  If it ever stops raining I will go down amd look at my D200.


Edit:  973370 is definitely an ORB#6 and will use a Dash# 906 O ring

  Orb 5 (I/2 20 tpi)use 5/8" wrench

Orb #6 (9/16 18tpi) use 11/16.




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I'm looking for the o-rings that go between the hydraulic lift control valve blades.  Specifically, I'm looking for the two smaller rings in the middle of the attached photo.    


They're seen in this ebay post:




Any clue what size these smallers ones are?

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 9.10.35 AM.png

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Sorry never been inside my valve.  I am not sure the Charger early C series ones you are looking at in Ebay would be correct for a D.  Open it up and measure them. 

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