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Original Wheel Horse Tire value?

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We figured out tonight that my honey's tractor has tires on it that may very well be original to 1967.

Thank you to @Stepney for bringing this to my attention.

They say Wheelhorse right on the tire. We probably will not leave these on this tractor because it will be a functioning working tractor that may be hauling moderate to heavy loads.

Who can say what the future holds but for now this is not going to be a full frame off restoration.

The front tires are in very good condition as far as weather cracking and have quite a fair amount of tread.

The rear tires have a lot of tread left but the printed side which someone has moved to the inside of the tires has quite a fair amount of weather cracking. The solid non printed side appears to be in very very good condition. Hence the swap I suppose.


So the question is. Is there a market for something such as these? If so, Any thoughts on what they might be worth. To one of you, or someone else.




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there's value in it I see them online.

a few years back I was cleaning up and for my amusement I stuck my tire pile on ebay, about a dozen all junk odd size tires off walk behinds and other pre 1965 tractors,  these in my mind were useless, much to my surprise I got over a hundred for them, the individual bought them does restoration drove a fair distance to pick them up, he did static restorations where these tires were foam filled and whatever just to make them look nice.

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