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Good morning, I have been a long time reader, but a first time poster. 


I have a 1988 Wheel Horse 520HC Tractor.  Does not charge, and I have to assume that it is due to the fuse at the front of the engine being blown.  However if I replace the fuse that is located at the front of the engine, the wire at the voltage regulator will get hot, start to smoke as it melts the wires insulation.


I have not started testing anything yet, as I just have stumbled upon this issue and was wondering if anyone else has had the same style of problem and what kind of repair did you have to perform.



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@JNMULL :text-welcomeconfetti: to :rs:

Here is the manual for your machine. Hopefully you can use it to determine your problem. I know a lot of 520 owners have electrical issues with the plastic "9 pin connector", so that may be something you need to look at.


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      60 Inch wheel horse mower deck with no rot. All spindles greased and spin smoothly. Comes with mule pulley guard & deck belt covers and the rare offset front mule. Has standard blades installed. Have brand new gator mulching blades for an additional $50 Great       Joe Reese    

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      So... I got cabin fever and against my best judgement, picked up from my brother a 520H Model # 4120OE02; Serial 1033076 (1991) that he got from a Friend who claim it ran but hasn't been used in years and was in dry storage. Included was a 48-inch triple blade mower in very good condition, total cost $250 ..... I figured that even if the tractor was no good the deck was worth the coinage....... and it had a good new battery....... So got it home fixed the one flat tire, replace the cooked fuse in the fuse holder. Cranked the engine over it cough a few times and then quit, was not getting fuel, replace the fuel line from the tank to the pump, pump not pumping, replace it with a B&S pump, cranked her over and she started right up ran and idled decent with no noticeable smoke. p.s. the hour meter is disconnected but you can tell she was run hard and put away wet but overall, in fair to good condition. 
      So without doing anything else time for a test drive. It moved forward and backwards took her out into the yard got about 50 feet and the motor started laboring to me was like the transmission was putting a heavy load on engine, I tried to shift into neutral, but it wouldn't let me do that and then the engine bogs down and shuts off. Wait like 10 seconds start her up again and the issue repeats.... In all my years I have never had anything close to this issue hence my call for help.
      I did all the normal stuff trans fluid looks clean added some 10-40 weight to top her off, did not change the filter yet as I do not have one in stock.  You can start the engine without engaging the transmission and it will run fine until the cows come home..... put it in gear forward or reverse and it will go an little ways and then the load condition occurs, the engine loads up and is dragged down into a stall. 
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      I have a 1987 wheel horse M10 461521 that has a voltage regulator. Now, all the schematics I've seen show no VR.
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