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1955 RJ-35

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Here is my early production RJ35. Made probably in the 2nd batch of 1955 tractors, not in the first 100 produced. Has the cast iron steering wheel, gas tank stand and some other early production parts. I added the non original Kohler engine but it should be a Clinton engine. bth_017-2.jpgbth_018-4.jpg

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    • chompinthebit
      By chompinthebit
      im in search of a few things to finish my 56 rj-35.
      -rear hitch (lift cradle) PN 3442
      - (2) BFG silvertown front 4.8-4x8 tires
    • BillKC
      By BillKC
      Price reduced to $1,800. Please IM BillKC if you are interested or have questions.
      I have an RJ-35 and two RJ-58s for sale that need to go to a good home. Also included is a snowplow, three K91s, and two spare rear wheels w/tires mounted. The three spare engines need valve guides as they smoke a little when running. I mounted a newer engine on the RJ-58 just to push snow and do some light mowing for fun. Someone that had these before the person I bought them from, started restoring one of them. Paint is great but needs put back together. I had plenty of fun with the other two so didn’t mess with it. I also have a copy of Straight from the Horse’s Mouth (2000 copyright) that goes with these tractors. I have the new addition as well but can’t find it right now.
      Local pickup in Smithville, MO
      Do not want to separate the lot

    • chompinthebit
      By chompinthebit
      Hi all,
      this is a early 1956 rj-35 I picked up and named Ol’ Crusty. I thought I’d share a picture timeline of things I’ve done on it since I’ve gotten it. The reason I say early 1956 is because it has a C channel frame like the 55’s with 55 style hub backing plates and some 1955 features but has a 1956 hood with small kill switch hole.
      the tractor has been cleaned and clear coated. Also wheels were stripped and painted original black.
      i believe this tractor was a local government owned tractor for mowing around a township building or something since it had many payers of the typical yellow paint you see on Govt owned equipment.
      reproduction aluminum steering wheel
      reproduction belt guard
      restored k90
      added electric starter

    • chompinthebit
      By chompinthebit
      I found this K-90 at an auction and it turned out to be a wheel horse spec engine dating to 1956. I attached some pictures of it as I did the paint work. I didn’t start taking pictures until then unfortunately. I then put it in a 1956 rj-35 I have

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