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    • Red Bull Stripe
      By Red Bull Stripe
      Toro Wheel Horse 310-8 for sale. Includes a 36" deck plus snow blower. New ignition, solenoid, starter motor. 10 HP Kohler Magnum engine. High & Low speed, 3 forward gears + reverse and PTO. 
      New front tires, one new rear tire. Rear weights, chains. Added an ATV hitch mount which allows for both a standard pin hitch and ball. Currently have a 1 7/8" on there now to tow yard trailer. Some chips in the paint and a tear on the edge of the seat, but mechanically sound. 
      She runs well and is in solid shape. Don't have any photos at the moment, but can email them to anybody interested. 
      Pickup only
    • MadScientist
      By MadScientist
      Hi all,
      i am looking for a diagram on how to mount the lift assist spring on a 75' c-120. i have looked around and cannot seem to find one. i have tried to mount it on the main crossbeam located near the end of the lift rod and doesn't seem to offer any assistance. After working with that snowblower for and hour becomes quite difficult. i am also wondering if anyone has ever done an effective mounting of an electric wench as a means of lift? Thanks in advance for any help you could offer. CA-120 special model # 133619
    • bizzo15
      By bizzo15
      So long story short I scored a two stage snowthrower for my 520xi in the off season and hooked it up to my tractor and finally got a chance to use it this past weekend after we got a storm that dumped about a foot of fresh now.  First time out everything was going good and the snowthrower was moving snow like a beast, I did notice though when I got to the berm at the end of the road the blower would shake and vibrate pretty good when going through it.  I thought it was just normal operation since the snow tends to be more compacted from the plow, I just made sure to go nice and slow when I got to the end of the driveway and was able to clear my driveway and the neighbors without any issues.  Fast forward to the next day and I fired up the tractor to clean up the driveways as we got another couple inches over night.  Was able to finish my driveway but halfway through the neighbors when clearing the end of the driveway the blower shook and the suddenly stopped.  I shut it down and looked around and noticed the belt was broken, I didn't think too much of it as when I put the blower on the tractor the belt was showing some wear but when I saw how expensive the toro belts are I decided to run it as it looked like it would make it through another season no problem.  Once I got it back in the garage I removed the belt and that's when I noticed that something didn't seem right, the spring loaded pulleys on the right side of the pulley box were hanging below the blower frame, I took the chain and belt cover off the blower and noticed there's damage to the main belt pulley on the blower as well.  I pulled the pulley box off and noticed that there's groves worn into the metal from the pulley and what looks like some belt rub.  Anybody have any clues on what caused the belt to fail?  I'm including pictures to hopefully give some clues to those who have used these blowers extensively.  I followed the manual while installing the blower but I'm wondering if maybe I don't have something assembled correctly or am missing some crucial part.  I'd really hate to spend the money on a new belt only to have it blow because I didn't correct the actual issue.  I will say all the bearings seem tight on the blower and there doesn't appear to be any play in the shafts.  I look forward to any insight you guys can offer, thanks.

    • nickjet67
      By nickjet67
      Hi, I am looking for any and all parts for a B-115. I am still pretty new to the wheel horse game, though I am willing to learn a lot. I need some help finding a Briggs 191707 8hp motor, vertical shaft. I prefer to have this motor so I can hook up my stock wiring harness and be good, but I am also fine with taking in another motor that is equal or greater power. I am also looking for snow removal attachments as well, mainly a b-series snowblower/plow. Any help that can be given would be great! Again fairly new to this (had 1 wheel horse before and I messed it up bad) so I need some extra help with these things.
    • bizzo15
      By bizzo15
      For sale is my good condition tall chute snow thrower for the classic garden tractors(300,400,500)  Sold my last classic and only have an Xi so it's time for this to go.  Only trades I'm interested in would be for Xi attachments.

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