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    • Wheelhorse427
      By Wheelhorse427
      The Kohler K181 on my 855 will only rev to about 2500 RPMs. When I pull the throttle cable out the whole way with the engine running, I can see the governor arm push the throttle back down. I have adjusted the governor by the manual 3 or 4 times, but it made no difference. I'm pretty sure the throttle linkage is hooked up correctly because the throttle will open the whole way when the engine isn't running. Do I need to replace my governor gear? Thanks in advance. 
    • 69-Raider-10
      By 69-Raider-10
      Happy Easter fellow Horse Junkies! I am not happy with my Raider 10 after I swapped out the Lauson for a K181. Its not so much the difference in power between the 10hp and the 8hp, its the fact that my other 2 tractors are a Bronco 14 and a 416 8 Onan. I hop on the Raider and even though its the most mechanically sound and aesthetically pleasing tractor, it has the least cajones. I have a low hour 14hp Magnum sitting around that I was saving as a backup but I think I want to drop it in the Raider. Anyone make this type of swap before? Anything that makes it not doable or ill advisable? As always I appreciate the input and your time in answering. Happy Easter!
    • classiccat
      By classiccat
      New member ...and another old-Iron guy here...with my 1st Wheel Horse tractor.
      I was looking for something mainly for pulling an old aluminum boat (18' starcraft) around the property.
      Capability to mow and haul yard waste would be a bonus.

      2 weeks ago, a C85 showed-up on CL for a song. 
      He couldn't start it for me and it didn't take me long to figure out why...
      This will be a running thread / rolling-restoration as I bring her back to her original, Black-Hood glory!
      (DISCLAIMER: I'm an engine-wrencher ...I have the tendency to leave my foot off of the project's gas when the engine starts drinking it!)
    • njdpo
      By njdpo
      Hi all,
      Back in 2011 you guys assisted me with getting my Commando 800 (engine K181) running properly (http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/27577-wet-cooling-fins/#comment-234931 ).
      6 years and many happy memories later that little K181 still runs – but she’s tired. She was tired when we got my issues all ironed out. I never did get around to dropping a new piston and rings in it. At this time the engine is down on power and blowing blue smoke - I dont want to blow up this motor if it can be refreshed.
      I was thinking of sending the motor out – but I decided I will help my 14 yr old son (Willy) rebuild it. Hopefully I can keep the rebuild costs down – and Willy will learn something interesting.
      a few questions for the group:
      Is it possible to upgrade the K181 points ignition to electronic (without breaking the $bank$) ? The points are OK - but im wondering if the motor could benefit from an electronic ignition. Are any of you aware of a document(s) of tips and tricks, and/or procedural documents for going through this rebuild process?  Thinking of things like: - Gunk motor off before removal & disassembly - Take picture of carb configuration before removal. - Paint inside of motor with this paint / - Paint outside of motor with that paint - Break in procedures.  
      Please let me know if you have any questions that I can answer up front.
      Any advice you have is greatly appreciated – and yes I will be posting pics as we progress through this.
      Thanks, Dave
    • bh29621
      By bh29621
      I have a  NOS Kohler / Carter carb and air cleaner (no. 4147804 for sale). 
      This will fit, I believe,  K181 applications and perhaps others.
      Will forward pics upon request.
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