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    • MadScientist
      By MadScientist
      Hi all, I am new here and I am wondering if anyone could help me out. I have an old Horse CA-120 special model # 133619 in excellent physical shape with a dead engine. Is there a modern engine that I could use as a replacement for this model? I would love to get this old girl running again before the nasty winter weather sets in.
      Tecumseh engine #'s
      commercial duty 12Hp
      OH160/ model
      170182G/ spec
      Thanks in advance for any help you could offer.
      My name is Bill, and I am new to this forum. About 10 years ago I bought a 269H and it has faithfully performed all the tasks asked of it. The other day I checked the and topped off the oil, and proceed to start cutting the lawn. About 15 minutes in I heard a loud noise followed by an evil vibration. Thinking it was something with the deck I shut off the PTO. Unfortunately the noise and the vibration did not go away. I shut off the tractor and pushed it back to the garage. I checked to oil again and found it to be half gone. After topping it off again I started it up, but the vibration and ugly noises were still there. I am 90% sure the engine is shot.
      I have been trying to find a replacement for the Kohler CV19s-6553. I am not having a lot of luck. The closest I have come is a CV620. Does anyone know if this will work, or of any other models I might want to look at. I live in maryland and have thought about getting it rebuilt. Any and all help will be appreciated.
    • Bach-Ed
      By Bach-Ed
      I have been watching the thread of using Preditor engines well my 857 had a K241 that threw a rod.  Since that was not the original engine I just wanted to get a decent engine on it.  i got a good price on a CH270 Kohler and figured I couldn't go wrong with Kohler.  Any way I found I needed an adapter plate and got one and now the engine is in place.  I don't show it but the hood just drops on.  Hooray.  The shaft size was wrong but I picked up a nice adapter on Ebay.  Putting on the belt that was used with K241 did work but you can see in the photo how loose it is.  I'm assuming a somewhat shorter belt would be what I want.  Do you think I should try one or two inches shorter or????????  Oh and yes someone has altered the guard so a new one is on my wish list.  Thr throttle cable is not working very well so that is my highest priority.  I want to get the plow on and maybe scare away the white stuff.

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