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Patrol D-6

Wanted: 1995 520H Service/Owners Manual

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Patrol D-6


   Anybody have a manual forsale or a download that matches my 1995 520H ?

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953 nut

:WRS:     There is a lot of information in this site, and it is free for the asking.

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      By PWL216
      Looking for a good to very good condition hood. Thx
    • Rob R
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      Hi Guys, has anyone put the 3/4 inch Thrust steering bearings on your Wheel Horse Tractors. I recently did an install for a customer on a John Deere and i have to admit was easy to do and no mods required. My biggest concern will the thrust bearing fit and the will stock top clip fit back on with no mods . Thanks  
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      I have a very recently restored 1989 wheel horse 520-HC tractor with 60” deck. Family owned for over 10 years but now it’s time for another project. Please contact me with any questions I have the original 60” deck but it was rough so I sourced the current deck off this site, it really is in excellent condition for not being restored.

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      Wheel Horse Arm Rest.pdf
      I am looking for an arm rest pad and arm for my 1973 WheelHorse "no name" tractor in good to NOS condition. One of the arm rests worked loose and was lost in transit during a recent interstate  move. The WheelHorse Part Numbers are:
      Arm Rest Pad P/N 104101
      Arm Rest Arm P/N 104105 
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      Hello All,
            New to the group and looking for advice. My father was a devoted wheel horse enthusiast for many years. He only cut grass with a wheel horse tractor (rear discharge deck) pulling a Parker lawn sweeper. We have a lot of property and it took him a while but he was retired and loved being on the wheel horse. When he got sick, I had to take over all the lawn maintenance. All of our family lives close on the same road. At the time, I was responsible for maintaining 7 properties plus my fulltime job. Using the wheel horse was not an option for me so I bought a commercial zero turn mower.  Unfortunately, in 2017 my father passed away. I have all his tractors and it has been hard for me to think about what to do with them. He had 6 wheel horse tractors total. 3 tractors we used for cutting grass and 3 tractors are show pieces that have never cut a blade of grass. I have a few guys that have been asking me for years to sell them but I am not sure if I’m ready. I am turning to the group because I am lost at what I even have. Its my belief that the tractors are rare and the conditions are mint. If anyone would be willing to express their opinion and provide feedback I would be grateful.
      Wheel horse 420 LSE (shows 7.5 hr)
      Wheel horse 520 hydro (shows 92 hr)
      Wheel horse classic GT (shows 26 hr)     

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