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D-180 hydro steel manifold o-rings

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I know in the past someone posted up the sizes/numbers for the o-rings that fit between the hydro pump and the steel lines' manifold blocks on the D-series - I'd imagine the ones at the pump end and rear axle are the same ....?

Will be changing my pump soon due to the hydro to engine coupler blew out it's splines and took out the shaft along with it . Evidently a trailer weighing around 2.5 tons was too much....


I'll try to write up a post on how to build a new coupler from a later model C series pump pulley's center ring and a worn D coupler as well - trying to finish up the Ross steering box right now .







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Dash #018 (larger ring)

Dash #015 smaller


The Backer ring is also a Dash 018.


Also need a crush/sealing washer 1/2"  for teh back end.


I have all of them and can mail you a set PM your address.


Can't wait to see your coupling fix

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The coupling fix will require some lathe work at minimum and possibly have to do some of the cutting on a mill . Not an easy fix , but it's known to far stronger than the original setup and far less prone to wear over time . I've searched until I couldn't see anymore trying to find a short and more modern coupler design that could work - came up with nothing at all due to the length of space available . If it were off the pto side of the big twin - that would be easy . Flywheel side ....not so much and moving either the pump or the engine is out of the question unless you want a tractor that is useless .


Message sent , sure appreciate the help .



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I know this is an old post but do you still have any extra sets that I could buy from you?

I would take 2-3 sets if you have them.

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PM me your address I will send you some free.

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