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The Large and Short of It

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peter lena

way back in the day, early teens , regularly worked for a guy as help on his stake body truck , doing odds and ends . turned out , he was my greatest inspiration / teacher to drive and operate machinery  and gearing . taught me how to mirror drive , taught me how to use gearing , and as the owner of such equipment , emphasized the care , and non abuse of such equipment. would often put you into tough situations , and walk you thru its finish. would use a tractor and its pto gearing to easily complete a job. learning how not to beat the hell out of something , makes me look at a problem and its cure differently , thank you , everett , pete

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Sorry,  didn't mean to start a Non Wheel Horse Topic. Lol🤔 At least it's all a good History Lesson of Quality American Made Equipment. 🚜


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