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John Casadonte

WH 269H Won't Crank

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John Casadonte

I have a late 90's 269H with the Kohler 17HP motor.  After cutting for about 1 hour I turned it off, tried to start it about 10 minutes late and it would not crank.  The dash lights turn on (oil, battery, parking brake), I can hear/feel the relay click but the starter will not turn.

  • All fuses checked
  • All relays checked
  • no broken/frayed wires


Solenoid will not engage when crossing the terminals with a screw driver and key switch in on position.  Is this a defacto solenoid issue or do I need to check other things?  Also, I am showing that the part number for the solenoid is: 52-435-02.  i found one at http://www.milfordpower.com/R12130-Starter-Solenoid-Replaces-Kohler-52-435-02S-p/r12130.htm


Thanks in advance for any direction or advice.



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953 nut

:WRS:         With all electrical problems the first thing to do is clean and tighten all connections including grounds.   If you take a jumper from the battery "+" to the starter and it cranks then move the jumper to the starter side of the solenoid and it cranks that will tell you the starter and cable to it are good. Now if you run a jumper from the incoming cable to the outgoing cable on the solenoid and the starter works then put the jumper on the incoming cable and touch the small (ignition switch wire) wire and the solenoid doesn't close then it needs to be replaced.

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These 1996-1998 diagrams should help you understand the conditions that need to be met for the starter to function. Each circuit has it's own diagram.




You can't simply jump the solenoid terminals to activate the solenoid on this model because the solenoid ground is also controlled by a relay.

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When the starter brushes get worn and short they sometimes don't make good contact with the commutator.  Try tapping the starter housing with a SMALL hammer.  Tapping!  Not pounding!  If she starts consider a starter replacement or rebuild.

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