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Stens universal ignition module

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I just put a 'Stens' universal ignition module on my SB-421.
Its finally showing a spark, but it's faint.
Ohmed out the mag and found it's shot (42,000 ohms).
I guessing the points/coil and mag went at once?

Since it appears the universal is working, i'm looking for a magneto for this model, if anybody has/knows of one.

Since I bought two universals, I'm looking to attempt to see if one will work on my 552/H55 engine.

Has anyone done this on the diode system yet?

(I posted this on "engines" board also)

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What is this diode system?


You could replace the mag with a hall effect sensor or another trigger, add a 12 volt coil and be in business. You don't have to stick with a mag.

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