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    • By tombr77
      my 1067 tractor has a tough time plowing snow since the limited slip wore out. I'd like to rebuild - any manuals/ instructions available ?  anyone have tips - and are parts i may need to replace available?
    • By WHX21
      A few items needed for a 1067 refresh/resto. Parts from other years with same design may work.
      1)  5450 control panel housing & possibly the entire dash
      2)  7223 headlight bucket Thanks Tom
      3)  entire hood latch assembly Thanks Tom
      4) slot hitch Thanks Tom
      5) hood ornament
      6) more stuff I forgot about  
      7) correct steering wheel for late 60's early 70's? tractor
      @A-Z Tractor @Kelly @smokin joe any chance you guys might be able to help me out?
    • By ezeastside
      Started out looking for parts specifically steering wheel and upper steering shaft for my 1077 project (4875,6943)
      I see they are only 1967. Also need hood ornament and hood latch hardware. Could use wheels with less rust with for less work.
      Reaching out if somebody has a roller or units with bad drive gear for possibly
      whole unit that is ready to be a donor..
      Close to central CT if you have a whole unit.
      I will entertain parts as well. 
      Thanks for the time,
    • By Al C.
      I've got a Wheel Horse 1067 with a Kohler 10hp engine.  The engine runs fine.   Starts right up,  No smoke.  Doesn't burn oil.  The problem I have is that there is always a "wet" film of oil just below what I believe is the fuel pump.  It never drips, but seems to seep out very very slowly.  I probably lose an ounce of oil a year.  My questions are ... what is the likely source of the seepage; am I asking for trouble if I don't correct it;  what is the likely solution; and how difficult is this?  I have attached some pictures to give a better idea of what I'm talking about.  Appreciate your thoughts ...