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wheel horse +657 tiller options??

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Hello Everyone

I have a 67 wheel horse 657 and would like to get a tiller for it.  Anyone have any idea if this is possible and what part numbers or parts I would need to gather?




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The ground speed of the 657 is too fast for a tiller. Back in the day The RT-367 was used on the 6-Speed models and hydro models but if you could come up with a speed reducer it should work.

Another option would be the towed self-powered tillers but speed reduction still needed


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super helpful, thanks gary!

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      My show tractors for October Festivals.
      RJ59, 1045, 657 w/sickle bar, 10HP and D200. Just love the attention and hearing the stories of grandpa or growing up had one. Always can see the joy these Horses bring to the spectators. Than telling them the WH history story along with Speedex story always intrigues them.
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      Tiller. Not sure of model. Looks to be in good condition. Comes with what you see in the pics. Cannot ship.

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      Hi all.  I am new to the Wheel Horse world and I have a question about attaching a tiller to my 875 before I start spending money.  Based on what I've read so far, it sounds like I can use the RT-366 tiller without having the 8-3311 PTO assembly, is this correct?  If so, does the RT-366 belt attach to the hydrostatic motor if there is a double pully (#6887) installed?  
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