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520 Clevis hitch

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Hey guys.  Looking to build a Clevis hitch for my 520.  Does any one have a manual or even drawings of one. 



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Hopefully this helps ,Jeff.

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    • Goldann520
      By Goldann520
      Hey guys, kinda gotta brag about this one. Got my sleeve hitch out of Alabama today for $100! Got part # 85518 from you guys,( thank you very much) got lucky and found it on ebay. Took a chance and ponied up the $100 with only a picture of the box. It's dated '93 so sure it's right for my 520h  and wouldn't you know, everything's there! Couldn't have done it without the wonderful members of this forum. Thanks Terry. Just what I need for my brinly plow, disk, tater plow, and backblade!
    • WVHillbilly520H
      By WVHillbilly520H
      So I've been searching for xi parts for my Dxi, thinking how nice it'd be to have a 60" mowing deck and clevis hitch when I get it running so I seen this 1 owner 520xi on CL and worked out a deal, so a 5 hour round trip it's home now, 1100 hours but yearly dealer servicing and needed repairs with the records I figured it couldn't be in too much disrepair, I don't really understand the small rear wheels with 23x8.50-12 Ags but got the nearly unused original 23x10.50-12 Kenda turfs also and a clevis hitch which the P.O. said was installed since new just to use as a trailer hitch, so plans are to get the Dxi running swap decks out and keep it as a trim mower with all my other 520H's seems 520 Wheel Horse is my magic model,Jeff.

    • shallowwatersailor
      By shallowwatersailor
      Breaking my ankle in June has meant everything was put on hold. I hadn't tried to run any tractors until today. The two diesels were on battery tenders so thankfully weren't a problem getting started. The other tractors have literally been where they were in June since then. Plus the workbench-cleaning fairy never got the message so that will need to be cared for as well.

      But I was finally able to try an attachment option that I had been considering over seven months ago. I had been emailing Greg at Heavy Hitch about adapting his Hitch'N Can to a sleeve hitch. He does sell an adapter to mate a 2" receiver to a sleeve hitch. I wanted something specifically for a sleeve hitch so that it wouldn't be so far out from the fulcrum of the hitch. The first one was too short and only raised the can about 3". The revised version arrived after I had my accident so wasn't able to try it until today. It works perfectly! I had it painted Kubota Orange so that I could see it in the dark. It also is long enough that I can have the cab on and still not touch it in the raised position. The ironic thing about this is I was going to use it for yard waste as I have a wheeled yard waste can. Save a step and just put it in the can they pickup from. The county changed the size restriction (the existing can is too big) so I would need to get another can.

      Greg was sceptical about a market for this so if you contact him for one, do me a favor and mention my name. It should work on a regular clevis hitch as well.

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