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Worked a Couple of Blackhoods Today

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Nice pics! I'm a huge fan of the Black Hoods and have owned abound 6 of em....the weird thing is I don't own one right now. Might have to remedy that soon.


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I am right there with you. My 522xi and my C-105 (soon to be 165) are my favorites. They are followed by my 854s and all for different reasons.

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A righteous day for some wheel horse work, by you anyway John. Poured to beat the band here till mid afternoon. The stallions look good and must earn thier keep. That's what we tell the girls anyway. :D



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    • D_Mac
      By D_Mac
      Well fellas I may be going to the dark side. Going to look at one tomorrow. You know the story, ran a couple years ago when parked. Now no spark. Has mower deck with new blades and belt. Tires have new tubes. Has the plastic rear fenders/ seat pan that's busted up. I have no experience with the kohler twin. I know you like pictures but don't have any. Any helpful suggestions on what I need to look at tomorrow? Any idea what a replacement metal seat pan / rear fender unit will run? Worth ? I'd like to save it but really don't have the room for another but that's never stopped me before. Like to hear all your input. Thanks
    • sjoemie himself
      By sjoemie himself
      As requested some pictures of my 1986 Wheel Horse 512-D with sweeper attachment.

    • kurm
      By kurm
      You can search for the specs but here are some links:
      https://lookup3.toro.com/partdex/modlinfo.cfm?xCaller=Toro&o=2&x=22004&b=9900001&e=9999999&m=73552&y=1999&n=523Dxi Garden Tractor&channel=CN
      This is a beast!   Comes with the 60" deck and also a 48" deck and a new battery.  New belt (installed but unused), newer hoses, regular maintenance.   
      There are wheel weights too but idk if they fit this unit as I've never tried.
      758 hours
      I got a zero turn and a Kubota tractor and this has sadly become ignored.

    • Maxwell-8
      By Maxwell-8
      So yesterday I picked-up a C175. She was rusting away as she was stored outside. She had a new to her Kohler K341. @squonk The previous owner indeed better had"LET AN ELECTRICIAN      CHECK his  SHORTS!"  as bad wiring shorted the battery out, and exploded/melted. She has a Sundstrand hydro pump with a Filter, is that normal? By the pump I believe it's a 1980. But you never now for sure as it's made in Oevel. Due to the bad wiring, the engine was in no running condition. But don't think the K341 has many hours on it. The hydro I don't know if it works. She was hard to push. So i lift up one wheel, so we could roll here one one wheel and the diff prevented the trans from locking up.
      So first things to do:
      1) get the engine running
      2) replace the steering wheel, but don't think removing it will be very hard as it's already split in two.
      3) replace the axleseals, the oil leak caused a lot of sandbuild up as she was mainly used on for leveling out a horse track.
      4) clean all the acid and remove all the old wiring to do a full rewiring
      5) replace the plastic seat pan with a metal.
      I'm looking forward on my first C. 
      It's also my first hydro, I don't know a lot about them and prefer actual gears. Simpler and need less maintenance (parts-shortage). 
      But since I couldn't find another project WH and me hearing a lot of good things about hydro's  on the forum..  I finally took the shot.  

    • Devin
      By Devin
      It runs and drives!
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