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1955 RS83

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    • By Fun Engineer
      11"' x 16.5" poster is a copy of Sheet 1 of the original patent application for the RJ "POWER DRIVE MECHANISM" submitted by Cecil E. Pond, "INVENTOR".  Filed on September 8, 1958.
      Quality copy on satin finish acid free heavy weight poster paper. Suitable for framing.
      Please message me to order. It's easier to keep track of everyone that way. I have a number of these available. 
      $18 delivered to the Big Show.  $23 shipped in the USA. PayPal is best at burleyfarm@yahoo.com. Contact me for overseas shipping options.

    • By Hammerhead
      Well it took almost 3 years to get the trade deal done on this nice RS83 Ride Away Senior, but it finally came together this weekend! The deal of a lifetime was made on my 1980 Struck bull dozer with 3 nice attaching blades and a wad of cash and a last minute deal sealer, my favorite 1959 Copar Panzer thrown in on the deal! Me and my buddy Packrat loaded all this stuff up in record time and delivered to the Seniors resting location on Sunday afternoon. This Senior has been in dry storage most of it's life and in this storage unit for probably 10 years and hasn't been run. The motor appears to be rebuilt since I got an old piston and rod, gaskets, rings and other misc. parts in a box that came with it. I will have to take the hood off to see if the Wisconsin Id. label is still intact. It took about 8 hours to load the dozer, deliver it, move 2 tons (literally) of heavy iron garden tractor parts from behind the Senior to get it out of there, then reload all that stuff back into the guys storage unit, unload the dozer and Panzer and dozer parts, load the Senior and bring it back to my house! All well worth it but my back is fried this week! But hey, I got a Senior so it is worth all of the work it took! What ya'll think?

    • By Cable
      "Today's Compact Tractor" is a 1969 article about the genealogy of the compact tractor, originally published in Lawn/Garden/Outdoor Living Magazine in 1969. Reader needs to keep in mind as the article is read that the present day is 1969.