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    • By RJ Hamner
      We brought my next project home last night.  I think I am going to need a BIGGER shed real soon

    • By RJ Hamner
      It acts like the lever has limited travel and doesn't go far enough to go into reverse.  Something binding?  Bent?
      The tractor showed signs that it had a rollover sometime in its life. Right front axle was welded along with some of the steering parts. 
      I have a 68 charger (for parts) and swapped out the repaired parts with it.
      Possibily bent something there or the friction assy?????
    • By RJ Hamner
      Restoring a Charger 12 with a breakerless ignition to breaker ignition.  My theory is .....its only a matter of time before it goes bad so change it now while everything is apart.
      The question:  There are three wires coming from the stator.  Two go to the rectifier and one goes to the breakerless coil.
      What would be the proper way do do away with the third wire?  Just cut it off? or ???  The book doesn't mention conversions.
    • By RJ Hamner
      I recently picked up a 1970 Charger 12 to bring back to life.  The engine sounded real good and didn't smoke.  The hydro didn't have any problems but the mower deck looked like it took a direct hit from a RPG.
      I had restored a 42" deck for my Raider so the deck was not a real problem. I also had a 1968 Charger 12 that the guy said I had to take when I picked up a 74 C-120 (I wanted the engine for a spare)
      Now I had a "donor" for the 1970Charger
      In the process of taking the 70 Charger down to the frame I found that a mouse had made a nest on the box for the motion lever and associated parts.  I found nuts, a fair amount of bedding material and what was left of the mouse.
      As I started to put everything back together I needed a part from the 68.  When I took the cover off - this is what I found.  This guy worked REALLY hard building a nice warm place to spend the winter
      My Charger project despite a setback or two is coming along.....one piece at a time

    • By Waytofast
      Does not run but it's in good condition and will take very little to get going  if you're interested let me know. I will trade for other Wheelhorse tractors