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TN 312-8

Mower Deck compatibility

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TN 312-8

Hi all, looking for some help in identifying if mower decks from a 1977 C-160 and 1984 C-165 would fit on my 312-8 early 90's model.


Thanks for any input.



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Take a look at the attached list. It should have the information you are looking for.


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TN 312-8

Thanks Rob, much appreciated...


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    • mrodgers
      By mrodgers
      Looking for a Kohler K341 engine for my C-160.
    • RJ Hamner
      By RJ Hamner
      The C-160 just wasn't running right. Started with new points, plug, filters. 
      I had put an aftermarket carb on it but had found a good Carter N in the correct size so I rebuilt it.
      Got it started this afternoon and had it running at about half speed to warm it up so I could make the final adjustment to the carb.
      It purred along for about 4 minutes and just quit.
      First thought was "out of gas".  Looked in the tank and sure enough it was really low so I filled it up.
      Tried to start it again .....NOTHING
      Went and rechecked everything ....NOPE
      Got out the can of starting fluid...NOPE
      Pulled the plug and noticed the gap was ZERO.  Re-gapped and tried again.  Same thing again no gap.
      Pulled the head.  Looked normal.
      When I cycled the engine I noticed that the exhaust valve didn't fully retract.
      Was able to remove the exhaust valve with two fingers!!!!!
      Guess I am in the market for a new set of keepers and a few gaskets.
      The guys at McHenry's Small Engine Love Me
    • Tj_WH_Collector
      By Tj_WH_Collector
      Hello y'all,
      I hope everyone is staying safe and staying healthy. If not, i pray that you or whoever is afflicted be healed soon. 
      I hope to learn a lot from the forums and hopefully can use some of you young whipper snappers for your brains (ideas, how to's and such). Lol. Btw i am only 30, much respect for the older generation(s)!
      For me, well... If i would have found this 5-6 years ago, i would have said I am new to Wheel Horse. That is about the time my dad bought the 312-8 (that i now own). That purchase and talking to my dad about implements/attachments that i could purchase is what got me so interested in wheel horse. 
      Like i mentioned, i started with a 312-8. When i purchased from my dad, it came with a mower pan and a snowblower (wrong model tho). Wisconsin winters were brutal and a regular snowblower was taking me 2+ hours to clear the driveway. Thats when i bought my B-100, included in that deal was a mower pan and a plow. Boy... that B-100 has plowed a lot of snow. I love it. 
      I had also bought 2 lack luster tillers at some auctions. Well, that made me look for a tiller attachment. Found one relatively close and went to go look. $200 later, i had a tiller loaded into my truck and i had asked if he had the tillers mount for the rear axle. He said he wasnt sure, but he has a wheel horse sitting in the back. Told me to go look. 
      I look over this 854, and there is no rear mount. Just as im getting up, he asks if i want the tractor. I said i only got the $200 i gave you. He said free of charge. And thats how i gained my 854. (854s hood is in my shop)
      I want to start restoring my wheel horses, pretty paint, new decals, clean them up. I am proud of what i own. 
      And now im looking at getting a D200 with FEL and a backhoe. Its a sketch time to buy but i could use the tractor for house and cabin work. 
      Pics are attached. Please ignore the messes. They aint the prettiest tractors, but they all run. 

    • Burnerman
      By Burnerman
      Been a long time since I posted. Hope everyone is doing well. 
      I work doing HVAC In a medical center and have been working quite a bit. 
      Anyway my son and I made a run to the local salvage yard today to cleanup all the scrap steel that’s been laying around. My wife was happy to see us finally getting some money for our junk instead of paying to get rid of it. Well..... it cost us $20 but we got another horse. 
      let’s see how this goes. 
      312-8 with SD deck. 
    • tractorman99
      By tractorman99
      Hi everyone,

      I bought a wheel-horse c-160 a while back, and did some work with it.
      One day the rear axle housing broke:

      I was thinking about changing the part or soldering the broken pieces.
      Does anyone know where to order this part? Or has any idea of the potential cost of a soldering job?
      Thank you in advance!

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