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Bud Rig

48" mower deck for 414-8 WH 15-48sc01?

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Bud Rig

Looking to buy a new deck for my 414-8, somebody said there is an aftermarket one out there, would prefer nice old oem, mine has been patched and patched again. Used POR 15 on a deck for my 314-8 a few years ago when I bought it and it has really held up well, anybody that has a 48" to sell or knows where I can find one would be appreciated. Thanks, Brad

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    • 22GO
      By 22GO
      1979 C 8 speed tranny model with 14 hp Kohler engine and plow attachment, Runs good but ignition switch doesn't work and have to jump start over solenoid. Right rear wheel hub lock bolt won't hold and hub slides in on axle. Not sure why, out of round hub axle hole? Still use it regularly though with hack fix. Plow blade is badly worn out along the knife edge.

    • nylyon
      By nylyon-(Admin)
      I think I am selling my 1987 414-8 with plow, weights and chains.  Now here’s the story on this one. A long long time ago, I was searching for a snow plow for my 416H.  In that search I stumbled onto a forum which was one day old.  There was no name of the forum, just whtractor.15.forumer.com. Trying to learn more about snow plows I started conversations with one of the active members on the site, let’s call him Mike.  Mike convinced me I didn’t need a plow, but an entirely new tractor.
      About a week or so later, I found this 414–8 for sale, and bought it.  I now had my plow and could plow the driveway. So what happened with Mike @Sparky and this forum I spoke of? It grew a little bit, and we now call it RedSquare, and for sale is one of if not THE reason RedSquare exists today, so you can own a piece of RedSquare history!
      About the tractor: 1987 414-8. Kohler M14, runs well does not burn oil. Everything on the tractor works as it should, but it is a worker. The plow is a 48” with a custom made scraper blade, made from heavier stock than original. For the past several years, this has been a dedicated plow tractor, so it hasn’t seen a lot of work, but has also sat outside (under a tractor cover) so lots of let’s say, patina going on.  
      I a, selling because I just picked up a 416-8, and that will become my winter plow / blower tractor.  I am looking for $550, but like I said this tractor is a bit of a legend!

      I have cleaned it up since the pictures were taken.

    • F. Marra 17
      By F. Marra 17
      Gets the job done
    • F. Marra 17
      By F. Marra 17
      No problem cutting through
    • F. Marra 17
      By F. Marra 17
      I have a late 80's 414-8. my transmission has a slow oil leak. it leaks slow so its hard to see where it is coming from. i get a small puddle/stain on the floor center under the trans after a few days of non-use.  is there a usual problem area that leaks? or is there anyone in the NJ area that can be recommended to repair the trans? I am sure due to its age that gaskets or seals may be shot.  the tractor sat for 10+ years at my office on a shelf.  It has ran well the past 3 years for me.  I would like to fix this leak if possible.  Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.
      THANK YOU,
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