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Another Large Ohio WH Auction, June 11, MEDWAY, OH

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Found another huge Wheel Horse auction in Ohio of a deceased collector, ART PEOPLES .

Sale bill states :


Location is about half way between Dayton and Springfield.  http://maps.google.com/maps?q=219%20W%2E%20MAIN%20ST%2E%20MEDWAY%2C%20OH


Listing:  http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionview.cgi?lid=2713039&kwd=Wheel%20Horse&zip=&category=0&utm_source=azemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=alerts

Pics:  http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/photopanel.cgi?listingid=2713039&category=0&zip=&kwd=Wheel%20Horse


This one looks to be of about same size as the other OH Wheel Horse auction I posted about one months ago. Can't believe this one is scheduled the same day as Portland.


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    • blu_stang
      By blu_stang
      Hi All, It's time for me to sell the D-250 I've had for the last 8 years.  It’s useable as is, or would be a great project bundle for further restoration.
      I am selling a large package: the running tractor, a refurbished snowblower (48”), parts snowblower, mower deck (60”), tiller (40”), front plow blade (60”), Cat 0 3-Point Hitch with adjustable top link, WH 3-Point tool bar, wheel weights and tire chains.  Also included is an extensive part collection, nearly a second tractor worth.  I will include the original manuals, an original 1976 sales brochure, and repair manuals for the tractor and the engine.  I made electronic copes of all of the above, and stored the paper copies to prevent further wear. This is one of the most complete D-250 tractor/attachment bundles I’ve seen.
      Some highlights from the available parts: Frame rails, extra engine, water pump, extra transaxle, extra gears, including worm gears (stored in oil bath), Front wheel set, carburetor, carb rebuild kit, rebuildable original radiator, extra radiator overflow bottle, rebuilt alternator, new voltage regulator (I was planning to change over to an alternator setup from the generator), new in package Renault engine seals, new PTO seals, ignition maintenance parts.  There are also many panels, frame pieces, cables, levers, tubes (lines) and hardware in the collection.
      The tractor engine runs smooth.  There are around 1050 original hours on it; It’s a 1976 edition.  Everything works, except the dash lights and the rear lights (disconnected b/c of fender).  I just haven't sorted out the wiring, but it is all there.  Headlights are good and working, as are all of the gears and levers.  The four tires are nearly new Carlisle Multi Trac, with nubs still on them.  The rear tires have been filled (ballasted) with Rim Guard for extra traction.  The hydraulic pump, front PTO clutch and brakes operate but could use a tune up.  I’ve used it for mowing and snowblowing on hills, driveway and around my land. I don’t have an original WH seat.  The snowblower was rebuilt a few years back, and assembled with all new hardware and bearings.  The mower deck gearbox was professionally serviced recently, and has a new set of blades with only a half dozen mows.  The rear fender needs a repair, but all pieces are available.  The plow and tiller are due for restoration.  The Points, Condenser and rotor have all been replaced and tuned in.  The battery is good.  I've rebuilt the carb, replaced the fuel pump and changed out the plugs within the last 30 hours.  The replacement radiator is from a Kawasaki engine; it was installed with new hoses. There are also new custom hydraulic hoses and a new hydraulic lift cylinder.
      Here's a video of me mowing, this past summer.
      Transporting this haul in one trip will require a pickup truck and a large trailer.  

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      I recently posted about issues with my transmission and have now identified the issue.   I removed the transmission cover and found that the final pinion bearing had failed.   Bearings and race in bottom of cover.   Now need to find replacement bearing and also a new filter.   Bearing part number from Toro is 93-0446 and is stamped with “Japan Nachi 6203”.  The gasket is Toro # 93-0478.   Any help verifying these part numbers for a TORO 270H model 72106 and also locating replacement parts or equivalents would be greatly appreciated.  My transmission serial number is 049132.  Thank you!

    • Jayzauto
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      GMorning Gang,
             Last year I had purchased an old C175 with blown engine and all the attachments the owner had with it, including the FEL.  He gave me everything he had, or thought he had.  It was quite a pile, requiring 2 trips.  Of course, in the heat of the moment, it appeared everything was there, except belts for the most part.  He even had most of the original documentation.  Now I know what your thinking, and you'd be correct...... everything was Not there. And as we all know, it's the little things that hold up the project AND seem to cost the most money.... mot to mention the heartache.  But, I did find an engine, got the tiller installed and working, the plow mounted, the deck running.  Now for the Big hit..... The FEL.  I do seem to have most of it.... The bucket and arms assembly, lower frame, weight box. weights, chains and even the pump , with brackets that was still mounted to the blown engine.  The show stopper here is what is called the "Front Mount Assembly".  It mounts to the front of the frame, and the stabilizer arms to the posts attach to it.  It also has a couple of hose brackets that hold the hydraulic hoses from flopping around.  I did look around, and none appear to be available...Big Giant Surprise.  I can't imagine anyone parting it out, even IF they knew what it was.   But I pretend to be a welder and have Fab skills,
      (Sorry, that should have read Fab Equipment), So I'm sure I could Hack one together if I had measurements.  The grainy B&W photo in the manuals make it look very simple (Hahahahahaahahahah).....Anyways, is there anyone that would be willing to take a couple color shots And Measurements of their "Front Mount Assembly"?
      Or rough estimates, then I can Make up something clos, and tweak it after its installed.
      It appears to be the Ark style Loader, with the catalog number of 97-40FL-01.   The actual part number of the bracket is: WheelHorse 260932 (part #36 in the pix)
      Again, it looks like it attaches to the front of both Frame rails and loops around the front.  It attaches with 4) 3/8" bolts and would have the hoses attached to it.  It looks like it loops close to the front of the frame, meaning the mule drive would have to be removed, maybe even the Attach-A-Matic front bracket too.  And its job is to give the Brace Arms a place to attach to.
      Wish I had more info to give,  
      Can anybody help me out?
      Thanx in advance,  Have a Great weekend
      I'll accept any form of communication, Calls, Texts, Emails
    • Rod
      By Rod
      Looking for opinions. What do you think this tractor with mowing deck is worth? One owner always garaged well taken care of. 

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