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    • By mmmmmdonuts
      It was one I was using for my 1968 Raider 12. I believe it is a 6-9112 model number. It is not the tach-a-matic model but I believe it should connect to any long frame tractor the has a hole through the frame up front. It might be able to be to be adapted to tach-a-matic setup with a little modification. If wanted you could always bring your tractor and try to make sure it fits. I have replaced the bearings two years ago and have given it a paint job. The only issue there is the cable chute to turn the needs the cable threaded through (been using weed whacker cable for it)  and the chute is partially bent and I did a so-so job welding it back together. I also have the lift required for it as well. Only reason I am selling is because I got a newer tall chute blower. PM if interested.

    • By Ed Kennell
      The 520H snow blower project is finished waiting for snow and the MTD 700 is cleaned and oiled and actually mowed the lawn Sat.
      So, today was the Commando's turn.
                                                                       This I what I started with.  It actually runs and drives.
                                                                        After about 2 hours, I had this.
                                                                        An hour later
                                                                        Some of the crud I found
      Wonder how long it's been since this horse saw some maintenance. Hard to believe it could actually run in this condition.

    • By redhorserider
      1968 electro 12.  In really good condition. No rust. I've owned it for 2 years now. Starts runs mows plows. I use her all year long no problems.  48"deck 48"plow with tire chains.  All hydraulic hoses replaced last year. Wiper seal replaced in hydraulic 2way valve for up down. Fixed the leaky triangular seal on the trans already. Posi traction. New deck belt this year. New battery this year. From what i can tell most of the parts are there other than the obvious missing headlight lens and hood ornament. Well and the red paint  I replaced one pulley on the belt tensioner. Has a small oil leak. Could use new tires but never bothered me.  Could use a little tlc and i just don't have the time anymore with a new baby at home. I also know there's someone on here with a lot more knowledge and know how that can take care of her and appreciate her more then i ever could. (The tractor not the baby lol)  I got the price from people on here so that's a starting point only. I am definitely open to offers so don't hesitate to ask. Worse case scenario im gonna keep her as my plow horse and go buy a new cutter so i don't have to keep switching the 2. Heavier duty and hydraulic lift really making plowing fun. 

    • By Carpenter
      I purchased this wheel horse a year or so ago from the original owner. It had been sitting for years with gas in the tank. Thanks to the wealth of information and input from users on the forum I was able to bring her back to life. It is really satisfying to hear it running strong after almost 50 years.