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    • By WHX21
      Sadly Dan @Achto informed me the the other day of a 857 and a C-120 that was deposited at his local county dump. Dump rules are  such that once it hits the ground it stays due to junkyard dogs going to fisticuffs over scrap steel. Understandable  Despite some hastily made plans of bribery,  chicanery and/or hook or crook to rescue them we failed miserably. We may get drummed out of the Mafia for that one.
      I'll let Dan fill you in on the details if he has the stomach.  I would like to believe that that our beloved  ones would be smelted down to produce more tractors but then I wake up from that dream. Sorry no bone yard pics not that we would want to see them.
      Dan asked me if he had a problem over grieving over these lost gems. You decide... So in memoriam I feel it is quite nescessary to post pics of our lost loved ones. Since I don't have a C-120 here's what I have of a 857.  Please post your pics of either models. True story, I wouldn't hose you guys and not just fishin  for 

    • By Bear G
      Sold all three to one guy today..
      Sad to see them go, but...
      One of the reasons I’m selling is because I’m thinning my personal collection down to custom, modified only. So,  I’m selling all my “stock” tractors. 
      Ilk still have a few “flip tractors”, but hope to get down to about 4 I’m my personal collection.
      We’ve been up around a dozen for a year now.. too much to keep up with..
        I think these are going to a good home.

    • By Bear G
      Getting the 1st two of eight total ready to go to the show in New London, Oh. This weekend.
      the 857 and the 1054 still need some minor cleaning but they’re ready to load.
      Show is 7-27-18 to 7-29-18. Hope to see you there!!

    • By pullstart
      Pics say it all... videos coming soon!


    • By Fun Engineer
      Replated zinc height adjustment rod #2179 and restored (polished) knob #5280. Will not separate. See picture for condition. Shipping to US only.