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1964 854

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1964 854s

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here are pictures of a recently bought 854







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Very nice my friend !!

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    • rustyedge1
      By rustyedge1
      These belts have been hanging in my garage since last used I believe there off a 754 I used to have. Bought them new and didn't use much.
      Don't know why I took them off. Some fraying on top in a few places from use, also don't know why but selling as is and photo'd. 20.00 shipped if you can use them.
      PM for PayPal info or questions. 16" ID approx.

    • Jennifer
      By Jennifer
      Okay friends husband and I brought home another mutilated mutation that I felt sorry for and wanted to fix….  Questions will it run??  Lol… what model for sure?  So I believe it’s an 854 and would like feed back to confirm..  lots of stuff coming off… has the k181s tag on the engine!  Two piece gas tank!  So if my friends on here would agree or disagree I would be able to see how much I have been learning over the years!  

    • Tj_WH_Collector
      By Tj_WH_Collector
      Hello y'all,
      I hope everyone is staying safe and staying healthy. If not, i pray that you or whoever is afflicted be healed soon. 
      I hope to learn a lot from the forums and hopefully can use some of you young whipper snappers for your brains (ideas, how to's and such). Lol. Btw i am only 30, much respect for the older generation(s)!
      For me, well... If i would have found this 5-6 years ago, i would have said I am new to Wheel Horse. That is about the time my dad bought the 312-8 (that i now own). That purchase and talking to my dad about implements/attachments that i could purchase is what got me so interested in wheel horse. 
      Like i mentioned, i started with a 312-8. When i purchased from my dad, it came with a mower pan and a snowblower (wrong model tho). Wisconsin winters were brutal and a regular snowblower was taking me 2+ hours to clear the driveway. Thats when i bought my B-100, included in that deal was a mower pan and a plow. Boy... that B-100 has plowed a lot of snow. I love it. 
      I had also bought 2 lack luster tillers at some auctions. Well, that made me look for a tiller attachment. Found one relatively close and went to go look. $200 later, i had a tiller loaded into my truck and i had asked if he had the tillers mount for the rear axle. He said he wasnt sure, but he has a wheel horse sitting in the back. Told me to go look. 
      I look over this 854, and there is no rear mount. Just as im getting up, he asks if i want the tractor. I said i only got the $200 i gave you. He said free of charge. And thats how i gained my 854. (854s hood is in my shop)
      I want to start restoring my wheel horses, pretty paint, new decals, clean them up. I am proud of what i own. 
      And now im looking at getting a D200 with FEL and a backhoe. Its a sketch time to buy but i could use the tractor for house and cabin work. 
      Pics are attached. Please ignore the messes. They aint the prettiest tractors, but they all run. 

    • Jennifer
      By Jennifer
      Hello everyone!  Got a real puzzle here!  Husband has visited with some on here by phone, but he is getting really frustrated!  Can anyone help us with this tractor!  It will be mowing fine, then start dying off and on at different time frames!  Temperature out side sometimes seems to play a part but could be coincident.  So he has put more and more money in this and not fixed the issue!  A list of what he has done thus far! 
      new Fuel line
      new condensor
      new points
      new carb
      new plug wire
      new spark plug
      Used fuel pump
      new coil
      new switch
      new battery
      new head gasket
      soaked it with marvel mystry oil
      soaked it with sea foam
      removed fuel tank cleaned and blew out
      cleaned sediment bowl. Brand new one is on its way
      changed oil
      all 4 brand new belts
    • Jennifer
      By Jennifer
      Well now that I can post pictures we wanted to share this with all of you!  Here is the beauty that my husband is really proud of and now owns after a year of wishing and wanting lol.  He picked it up last part of January 2020!!  The old man bought it a few years ago from the original the owner we understand.  Now the guy my husband bought it from, said his health wasn’t up to it so he set this tractor inside his shed strapped on pallets and covered up!  He posted it for sale several times over the past year, but we felt it was out of price range at the time.  Then it disappeared so we figured it sold then it came up again different pictures! However many conversations later we have it in our heard!  They both settled on a price both could be happy with!  So our youngest daughter made the trip with her Dad to get this 854 and have some quality father daughter time as I couldn’t get off work.  It’s a surprisingly well kept surviver, having the original paint. The blade has its decals, original paint and the mower deck the same plus it has new wheel horse brand belts on it...!  It was a day in travel time but the following day he was playing on it.. Replaced the battery, added gas!  Then noticed gasket on the fuel tank had dried out and was leaking and the fuel pump was leaking against the engine as the gasket was placed up side down.  That has now been replaced and a gasket for the fuel tank ordered but it stopped leaking so the gasket is on hand if it starts again.  He added rear weights and chains and it’s now his go to tractor!  The HY-3 lift allows him precise height of the blade!  Has used it twice moving snow and comes up with excuses to use it for other things! 

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