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Hello Red Square Community!
My father recently rebuilt a 1990 520-H he found at a junk yard and surprised me with it as a birthday present. I've done a lot of searching for guidance on implements/attachments that will fit this particular model but am coming up short. I would love to get a rototiller, snow thrower, and a blade but I have no idea what will work. My model number is 41-20OE01. Will any wheel horse attachment prior to 1990 work with this tractor? I'm new to this so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time!

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Most of the 300/400/500 and C series attachments will work with the 520-H.

The tricky part is that in order for attachments that came from the C, 300/400 tractors often require an extra adapter, extension, or unique lever to allow them to fit the 520-H--even though they are identical in all other aspects. It's because the frame of the 500 series is longer than the others. A prime example is the snow blade: The C, 300/400/500 blades are all basically the same... the 520-H requires a frame extension to allow it to attach at the back Attach-a-Matic hitch--AND it has a different angle adjustment lever that has a "zig-zag" bend in it instead of being just straight.

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Is the frame actually longer or is it because of the swept forward axle? Just curious.

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I believe it's because of the forward swept axel add a few inches to accommodate the 60" deck.

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I used a 48" blade on a 520 for two years without the extension bracket.
The back of the blade rubbed the front of the right tire when the blade was angled.
Not bad, but annoying, and it wore the paint off the blade.
The extension gives about 4" extra clearance needed for the forward swept front axle.
Problem is, they are hard to find, and go for about $150 with the extension bracket, lift point brace and offset lever arm.

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