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Front Hub Grease cap/Dust Cap Dimensions

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Can someone do a quick measurement for me? I need measurements of the front hub dust covers/grease cups used on most of the Wheelhorse Tractors. (300, 400 500 & C-Series)

I don't have one on my bench anymore and the one I wanted to measure on my C-175 won't budge and I don't want to ruin it just to measure. I have none on four of my machines and I'm tired of the crap they pick up.
I need the Inside Diameter
The Outside Diameter
The Depth or length

Didn't see anything on the dimensions while searching the site.

Thanks in Advance!


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Are you talking about the plastic dust cap for the front axle?

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If you're talking about the metal dust cap like the 520 had it is about 1.985 od. depth is 1.15 flange depth is .35 where it goes into the hub.
Teske mfg has one part # A222 - about $6. It looks like 2000# 3500# trailer axles use this.
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Thanks as always, gentlemen!
I forgot that Glen has the caps also. I don't need a logo, though. I just need some cheap dust covers. Also need them for my garden cart. Actually I had noticed that someone must have come onto my property and stole almost all my dust cups and left everything else intact. :D

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