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Another Walk-Behind Snow Blower Issue

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Greetings all.  Looking for some feedback.

A couple of weeks ago a neighbor gave me a snow blower that was not running.  Nice unit...179cc, electric start...cosmetically almost perfect.  No major mechanical issues, it got left with gas in it and it gummed up.  He's not very mechanical and although I offered to help him out with it he just wanted it gone and was going to post it for free on CL, so I said sure, I'll take it.  Anyway, I cleaned it up, ordered a replacement carb/primer/gaskets (cheaper than the rebuild kit), drained and filled it with fresh premium gas, cleaned and gapped the plug and she fired up on the first pull.  Only issue is it's really surging.  There is a link to a short (>1 Minute) YouTube video below.

I have some thoughts, but I would appreciate any ideas or experience anyone has with symptoms like this.


Thanks in advance!




(I sure wish I knew why sometimes when I link to a YouTube video I get a preview image, and other times only the link?  I've tried using the Video URL, Embed Code and every combination I can think of but no joy?  Weird.)

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You have to be sucking some air somewhere,  Could be the carb adjustment screws if you think everything is tight...might be a carb, bowl adjustment also.  :)  Nice looking unit though...worth what you are doing for sure.  :)

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Chris- nice unit! Along the same line Stevasaus said- but I believe its hunting because its LEAN from lack of fuel-jets partially plugged-run some SEAFOAM thru it- Al

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