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9-Pin Connector Kits for 300/400/520 Series

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Direct fit replacement for the notorious 9-pin connectors that fail in the 300/400/520 series tractors.


These connectors are the exact replacements for ones used by Wheel Horse. If you are replacing both male and female sides, there is no problem using any 9-pin connector with .093" pins. But if you are only replacing one side, this will fit your existing OEM connector. All 9-pin connectors are not the same


Kit includes both male and female connectors, and 9 each male and female .093" pins.






Note: Pins can be soldered, but if you need a good open barrel type crimper to install them, contact me for a good source.



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I'm going to be in for a couple of everything you sell once you get your lug nut kits up for sale! What crimp tool do you recommend for these?

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For crimping open barrel terminals and pins, I use this:





To remove the pins from the connectors, I have one of these:





and one of these:




Either one will work fine.

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My supply of 9-Pin connectors is dwindling. Less than 10 left. I have ordered more, but they have been back-ordered for five weeks. That does not sound good since there is only one known distributor carrying them now.


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