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C161 Transmission Tow Valve Stuck

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The tow valve on the C161 I picked up recently is stuck. I need to free it up so I can at least roll it around to work on it. Currently the tractor doesn't run so i'm not sure what shape the transmission is in. I drained the oil and it was a little dirty, but no water or sludge. I've only used a short 1/4" wrench as I didn't want to force it. the The tractor is quite weathered. i have the seat pan off so i have better access to the valve stem, and have been spraying some Kroil on it.

Should I grab the stem with something like a vice grip (to get a steadier grip) and cautiously use a more force to wiggle it back and forth?

Is there anything minor I can disassemble to get some diesel inside to soak it?

Could  this be a sign of something going on in the transmission, 



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Everyone I've own have been stuck, I soak them with pb blaster and lightly tap on it with a hammer while trying to turn it. Works for me. Good luck.

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It's a little comforting to hear this is a common problem!

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i don't know if don varos has posted pictures on here but he bought the furniture dollies from h.f. and set the tractor on 4 of them and he can push them around his garage. get them on sale for about $ 7 or $ 8. i use them to set onan motors on and then i can push them around. my one of my C120s  won't turn either tried the vise grips and soaking it and gave up. haven't fooled with it for years now, it does help that it starts and runs though






eric j 

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      Hi guys, I purchased my firs WH - a 1976 C-120 Automatic. I have a steep hill on my property and before I go down the hill, I want to understand how my braking system works. I’m aware that this year/model didn’t include disc brakes, so is the breaking purely hydraulic Via transmission and controlled by the speed lever? Has anyone encountered issues with this? Is it safe to use on a steep hill? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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      I am hoping someone can help my. I recently acquired a c160 for the engine for another tractor. So I did a motor swap and wanted to see what the hydro was like. I put a plow on it C-160 (which now has a 12hp engine on it). I did a quick test run and everything was good. I drained the fluid and change the filter (Napa 1410 filter and sae 30 transmission fluid as it stated to only use this fluid on the tractor.) everything was working great after the fluid change. I plowed two driveways and the sidewalks near my house... all the sudden the tractor would not go forwards or in reverse. I tried to pick the plow up and nothing... I checked my drive belt it was turning like it should. I started to push the tractor and the rear was engaged so it would not move. Of course I was 400’ from my driveway and the plow was down which made it fun. I put the tractor in forward and started to push it and the thing took off. So I hopped on and took it to the front of the garage. I put it in revers and it cut out again so I pushed it in the garage. Today I went out to check the tow valve. I took it out and cleaned the threads up put it back in and it did not change anything. According to the dipstick I have the proper amount of fluid in it. I did have a drip that I fixed on the cylinder still nothing... does anyone out there have any tips to help me out? I’ve never had a transmission like this only manual transmissions. The model of this transmission is the sundstrand 90-1140.
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      Good Morning Ladies & Gents;
      I operate a Small Engine & Power Equipment Repair Shop From my home in Bridgeport, Ct.
      Yesterday I started repairs on a 1984 +- Wheel Horse C-145 Automatic Lawn & Garden Tractor. 
      I decided this would be a good candidate for a repair video series on my new Youtube channel. Since the repairs on this tractor are not the usual carb cleaning & belt replacements.
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      Repair Video's have been a tremendous help to me on all types of things that I don't have a service manual for, and if this helps someone then the effort will be well worth it.
      As I post this there are 4 video's in the series. More will be added in the coming days.
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      Just brought her home an hour ago! Ran it through the paces and everything checks out! Now shes coming in the shop to get a good tune up, the Bolens plow taken off and replaced, fluids change, some rewiring, a motor cleaning and a couple of new gaskets, and a good carb cleaning. And maybe some fuel lines. 😁 This is my first hydro so its taking some getting used too. LOVE the hydraulic lift though! Dont know how I lasted this long without one!

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      I have an issue with my mid 1970's D160 garden tractor.   Plowing snow over the weekend it begain to make an awful grinding sound come from what appears to be behind the motor.  Once this happened,  all the hydraulic stop working and the forward reverse lever seem to be stuck in the middle position.   I shut down the tractor and was able to release the value on the pump and tow the tractor back into the garage.   When towing it back to the garage,   I noticed the rear wheel where moving ok (with the release valve open)  In the garage,  the forward / reverse lever will move back and forth.   I did attempt to restart the tractor again without any luck.  The sound seemed to be the same. 
      I am speculating that I have a pump issue on the hydrostatic drive.   It' not the spline coupler with I know can spin out.   I did have this happen about 10years ago and at that time,  I removed the pump and had shop replace the shaft.   This time,  the shaft is definetly spinning the pump making a sound that I can only describe as a high pitch grind combine with what sounds like gravel rolling around inside of the a barrell. 
      Does anybody out there have any advise?    Is there any checks that I can do to make sure it is the pump?  I friend has suggest lifting up the rear end and seeing if the wheels spin in opposite directions by hand (with our without valve closed?)   Is it possible that I may have damage something in the rear end?    I did notice after replacing the spline on the pump 10 years ago,  the tractor would still roll backwards with the value closed and the tractor not running.   I was not concerned at the time the tractor seem to move fine forward and reverse.
      I do use the tractor for many task.  I have the rotor tiller,  snowblower,  deck,  category 0 connection with back blade.   It's a nice little tractor and I would like to keep it running.   It has the Onan 16hp engine which I have only had to rebuild the carb back about 10years ago due to some lugging issues.   For the most part,  engine is good burns a little oil (I change it every month in the summertime), and runs best on 90 REC gas.
      If anybody has any recommendation for how to troubleshoot the most recent problem,  veryify it's the pump,  rule out any other possilbe rear-end damage, and possible recommend next steps,  I would be greatly appreciative.    Thanks  Marc   (FYI,  I live in Western Michigan between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo).
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