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1968 Wheel Horse mod. #1-2631 Lawn Ranger, parts needed

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I am looking for front grill, hood and tank and right side belt guard.


Thank you,


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    • PWL216
      By PWL216
      Looking for a good to very good condition hood. Thx
    • Brockport Bill
      By Brockport Bill
      Wheel Horse Classic Toro Hood - Excellent original factory paint condition - Cash pick up near Poughkeepsie, NY. No Shipping. As is - no returns. Buyer should confirm match to their tractor model. Please send p.m. message.

    • PAguy
      By PAguy
      This weekend I had an issue where my pivot pins retaining ring came off without my noticing and placed pressure on the front bar that's welded to the frame and bolts the hood and front hitch down. 
      I can easily replace the pivot pin but am wondering about how difficult it is to weld this bar back on. The farmer down the road from me is able to weld it but was hoping maybe someone could share how they accomplished this given the tight space. This afternoon once its warmed up I intend to clean up the area well and take the front axel off to prep for the welding so that won't be an issue. 
      Photo attached 

    • fireinspect
      By fireinspect
      I noticed that there appears to be a piece of metal or fine mesh screen that seems to be sticking up right where the fuel goes to the fuel line or shutoff valve. My tank has a shut off under the tank that will swivel 360.  I have a few questions; is there a way to safely get the valve out of the tank without messing it up, is that piece of metal normal?  I cannot take a picture of it just because the tank is black so there is no way to get the flash to work and if I try to use a flashlight you cannot get the camera in close enough ..???  on a side note where is a good place to find the wiring diagram for the regulator?  I know a bit out of the fuel range but seems to be more and more issues... thanks for any help   Pat
    • HorseHead1089
      By HorseHead1089
      OK......I'm aware of the few front end loader threads recently and through searches here and through Google i just thought id make a place here for my own hopeful plethora of info. Well through my friends father i will be acquiring a 603 or 633 some such series round hood for Free.99!! Anyways my parents LOVE to mulch the flower beds and i happen to hate it unless i can play with my tractors. I guess you can see where this is going. I have searched far and wide on hydraulics vs electric actuators, and have noticed for such porpoises of moving mulch, and maintenance each seem to be good candidates. as far as a front end loader i have found a REAR end loader. Now will this benefit over a FEL by reasoning of less wear of front components since its a smaller tractor, and i thinks from the way it looks could be smaller/easier to move off and on. As far as getting it into the trailer, i could see the FEL prevailing in this category. ow would a rear end loader be able to ascend to a height? it doesn't look good from these pictures but there are ramps i could just back it up onto the trailer. and dont worry about it tipping as we have a silverado or '48 Farmall Super A to keep it held down. I have these pictures to get the conversation started. (yes I know ones a Sears and ones a Cubby)   
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