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tie rod adjustment

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I am replacing the tie rods on my 857.  On cars there usually is a slight toe in.  Should I have some toe in or is straight ahead OK.  Or am I making mountains out of molehills, after all mine won't be going twenty or more MPH.


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According to the setup manual for the 520 you want a 1/8" toe in at the front edge of the rim 6" above the ground.



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      Going to need tie rods, one of mine came apart today. Was wondering if anyone could recommend someone ?
      Would settle for good used parts if available from someone. Dose anyone know the part numbers for my machine.
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      So I was out mowing the other day with my 310-8 and somehow snagged my wheel in a hole in the yard. Anyways I pretty much destroyed my ball joints. I've since replaced the tie rod with junkyard parts but I was wondering if anyone's found a heavy duty aftermarket replacement for the tie rod assembly.
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         Does anybody have any information on NOS TORO PART NO. 112773 TUBE for the Tie Rods ????  These are discontinued.  
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