Last storm I was using my D160 to plow the snow.  It was doing a great job until I ran out of gas.  Once refueled it took a bit to get started as is normal/expected.  It ran ok for about 5 minutes then started bogging & stalled.  It would restart, then sputter out when under load of the hydro trans.  Then it stalled again & wouldn't restart.  I let it sit for an hour & charged the battery.  It started again, but wouldn't drive & eventually failed to stay running.   I pulled apart the fuel pump and gave it a good squirt w/ carb cleaner while cranking for a few seconds & reassembled.  New fuel filter too.  Fuel is squirting (more like running/steady dribble) from elec fuel pump.    Also pulled the diaphragm off the side of the carb & squirted.    Dry-gas didn't work so I siphoned virtually all gas & debris from fuel tank.  Screen strainer in tank looks fine, but I did give the gas line a shot w/ the air nozzle.  1/2 tank of fresh gas...  I generally use fuel stabilizer, but nothing in this fresh gas.   Oil level is OK   Fuel lines OK Choke & throttle linkages are OK. Cracked open the fuel to ensure no vacuum   I wanted to pull the carb, but the intake manifold is under the exhaust pipes and I can't get it out.  I was able to unscrew a dowel to free up one side.  I can't get the other and the exhaust pipe wasn't budging.  While in there I hit the points lightly w/ some abrasive paper (they don't look great, but seem ok).  I put that all back together & settled for pulling the top (bowl) of the carb off & spraying it.   Now it runs w/ starting fluid, but it won't stay running on its own...   I'm wondering where to go from here...  I'm thinking if I can get a carb rebuild kit (gaskets/jets) I'll get a cheater bar on the pipe wrench & get that dang exhaust pipe & manifold off somehow.  Pipes are rusted tight.  They seem solid enough to get some force on them.  Where can I get a carb rebuild kit?  Think that's it??   I've already read this link:    Sorry so wordy... Looking fwd to the groups help (again).