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520xi starting issue

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My 520xi is having trouble starting.  Sometimes when I try to start it I hear the click of the solenoid but it doesn't turn.  Usually trying a few more times and it will turn over and start.


The manual mentions something about servicing the starter.  Does the service consist of cleaning or replacing the brushes?  Brushes look a bit pricey when I looked for them.


Also,  I'm going to replace the battery.  The Interstate workaholic battery has worked quite well!  Hopefully the new ones are just as good!

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When it finally turns over does it crank slowly or normal speed.  If slowly, it is likely the battery.  If normal speed, then there is an electrical problem somewhere, either in the ignition switch or a relay which powers the starter.  Note a loose connection (12V or ground) wil cause an intermittent problem.  Was it turning over OK when you last ran it? 

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Just like Don said, look for loose connection, check the fuse block for corrosion (pull each fuse to clean the spade), and safeties before diving into the starter. Depending on the battery's age, it could just be that.

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Battery is old so I will replace it.  The terminals were dirty so it might be just the battery.  Will check the other connections while I have it apart.

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Sounds like the battery.

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Mine did this and it needed a new battery, but I would also check seat switch and other wires as mine had some dodgy connections

Hope this helped


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I have had a couple horses do this…most recently my '71 Charger 12 auto…everyone of them needed a battery and started just fine after putting a new properly sized battery in

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