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Hi RedSquare,


I am in the process of restoring a wheel horse 857 and i have just received decals to put on the machine but in not to sure how to put them on and protect them from getting scraped off. any suggestions?




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Either somewhere on this forum or on the Midwest Custom Graphics website, there are instructions on how to put on the decals.  Do a search and you will find it.  It did, and followed the instructions to the letter and the install was a piece of cake.  As far as protecting them to keep them from getting scraped off-tree branches and shrubs hitting the tractor when you drive by seem to be the biggest culprits... so trim back the shrubs.  Good luck with your install.  If you it do right you will be very pleased with the result.  Note:  make sure the paint has cured for at lest 2 weeks before you install the decals.

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I am using rustolium rattle cans for paint. It says it cures in 2 days on the can. Should I still wait 2 weeks or?

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For rattle can paint I would wait 30 days.


Let me elaborate on that. When I did my first restoration back in 2010, I was using rattle cans to paint my B-100. I was having a terrible time. Everything that touched the paint either nicked it or scratched it. It seemed like it just was not curing. So I decided to call the technical service department for the paint manufacturer. Their statement to me was that even though the instructions on the can say 48 hours, it can take up to 30 days for the paint to fully cure, depending on temperature and humidity.


Drying to the touch means that the surface is dry, but there may still be solvents left to evaporate. If the paint is not fully cured, that means that all the solvents have not fully evaporated. Applying a decal, which is vinyl, will prevent any further evaporation of solvents from the paint. The problems that may arise are bubbles and actual discoloration of the vinyl. If you try to remove the decal at a later time, the paint will pull off.

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I would wait like Bob says... i have used Rustoleum as well and it is notorious for taking a

LOOOONNG time to cure ! :handgestures-thumbupright:

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I would wait 1 or 2 months or whatever time that rattle can paint takes to completely dry/cure!  press you finger in a inconspicuous area and see if it leave prints that don't wipe off.

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