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Kohler K160 #230075 coil replacement

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I recently bought a Kohler k160 motor that I was told had a broken rod which was ok as all

I wanted was the ignition system off it for another motor


upon closer inspection I found that the motor was siezed and that the rope starter pulley was loose on the crankshaft and shucking back and forth

I deceided to remove the tinware and cylinder head and give the piston a good soaking with penetrating oil a couple of hours later some light raps with a hammer handle and the piston was moving up & down and no broken rod

next I cleaned the points and hooked the spark plug back up to check for spark

Nothing at all so off with the flywheel and find this is the problem





Got out the good old Kohler engine parts book and find that I need a #230075 coil which is NLA

soooo on to E-Bay found a used one for $200.00 :banghead:

The next few hours I spent  searching online and this is what I found

The ignition system is a Bendix Scintilla magneto ignition system this system was used on small

one and two cylinder motors

and that some old mercury outboard motors used them also

I found several web sites that sold vintage outborad motor parts and which had new reproduction

bendex scintilla coils for around $60.00 bucks so I ordered one




mounted on the motor the only thing i needed to do was lenghen the condenser wire




the coil seems to be a exact replacement for the kohler part number

after this I lapped the head and replaced the head gasket also new condenser ,points and spark plug

also a complete carb rebuild without using any NC chem dip and a differant gas tank and line






new muffler too



sorry for the back ground noise in this video as my cnc machine was running behind the camera



runs pretty good for sixty plus years old :icecream:


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Bravo. :greetings-clapyellow:  If anyone can get a 60 year old engine running, it's gotta be you. Good job Brian.

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Jake Kuhn

Very cool. What were those used on?

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Very cool. What were those used on?


bolens 1957 super ride-a-matic with a different aircleaner and remote gas tank

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Ken B

My 1950's Mercury outboards take the same coil...

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Great job Brian,


As soon as I see one of those Bendix ignitions I swap out the bearing plate for a different one and throw that thing away, LOL!

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Nice job Brian. And I hate when the CNC machine in the garage is so noisy. LOL

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