Space is still at a premium for me so when I saw these being made for my the 317, I decided to sell my 112 with Johnson loader and pick this up to replace it. It's called the Buford Bucket and is made to to really sharp guys down south. I picked this one up "used" from a guy. He ordered it raw and had a friend of his powder coat it. Came with a bolt on tooth bar and bolt on forks. He only used it one time! It attaches the same way the snowblower and plow attaches to the front of the tractor. The bucket is very close to the front of the tractor so know need for a full under carriage frame. Rated to lift 400lbs and plugs right into the factory hydraulic ports up front. I also picked up a factory 3 point hitch and the rear hydraulic kit. I have installed the hitch but haven't gotten to the rear hydraulic plumbing yet. This is my worker so it now it's very versatile.