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Engine pulley clearance (tecumseh)

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I am doing a little spring cleaning on a 1969 Charger 10 with a transplanted Tecumseh HH100 engine. When I pulled the engine pulley there were two, bigger than the pto shaft, washers behind the 7914 pulley. Now this calls for the 7443 pulley but this is a 51/4 inch pulley also. I think they are similar but possibly diffferent on the inside. The pto shaft has a small offset about 1/8 inch from the bearing plate for the pulley to ride on but the pulley touches the plate if pushed in all the way without those huge washers. Maybe the difference in pulleys is that this pulley is not flat on the back and the 7443 is????maybe??? I was thinking of placing a brass 1/8 thick 1 1/8 ID thrust bearing behind the pulley to provide clearance.....any advice????

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