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clutch spring on 416-8

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I have two different tractors that I use on a regular basis and one of them is quite sensitive.

Some of us have gotten in the habit of idling way down, engaging clutch, idling engine back up.

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 Hello OP' or fellow hoosier, it seems I only missed this tractor deal by a decade and a couple hundred miles, dangit I was so' close man.. lol  You know' I'd even offered to pay you $10 over what you gave him for it too. I mean, I'm a fair guy and honestly wouldn't want anyone here to think I ripped you off or anything buying it from you..lol  You'd make a nice profit and all. Friend!!...lol  Very nice tractor and I hope she's still running/mowing with no issues all these yrs. Its just remarkable how people just discard the best tractors and cars on earth having such little/no knowledge of what they have in their possession.  Like most always seem to do' sell it to buy a shiny new MTD...Geeez!   



  Yes' get rid of the p.o.c. dampener for future WH owners!!!   I took mine off my 1988 414-8 last year but' I came here looking for the spring part number again for another tractor. My partimers has kicked in high gear..lol  None of my older Wheel Horses ever had a dampener, only the mentioned clutch spring on the opposite side #108035 thats much more reliable.

   fwiw- They installed the dampener for an easier takeoff vs spring but if you simply learn to let a clutch out slowly you never needed it anyway. I didn't like how it operated from the start because I had older horses and standard shift vehicles for years, actually had my first clutch motorcycle at age 10 so at times I hated that dampener.

 It may take some getting used to the spring never having a WH without a dampener, she's really gonna take off so hold on to her reins tight..lol  I also run a True Blue belt, they really help put more hp to wheels too.

Thanks everyone~


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