Well what I have here is a Handyman Special, Sometimes things look good in pictures but pictures do not tell the tale of this neglected Tractor. This one is going to need allot of TLC to make it to the level of a dependable machine. Dependable it has to be because It has to fill some pretty big shoes to take over the Job as my Snow Chucker. It has the promise if repaired correctly to Outshine it's predecessor. First off this machine had so much grease, mouse nests, & crud on it that was probably what was holding it together. It ran terrible had wrong plugs, bad wires, dirty carb, rock hard fuel & vacuum lines, and has a couple more possible problems with the engine. The engine will be removed much more cleaning done & then paint. Will need new tires all around, new seat, wiring fixed and just a ton of small fixable things. Here are some pictures of what I started with and then a Video of the Tractor and the engine running. If you guys have any Ideas or suggestions please hit me with them. I'm no expert on Onans and can use all the help I can get. ~Duke